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Firefox's hidden potential: Important features disabled

There's a lot of features (privacy, security, performance) that aren't enabled by default, which is unfortunate. The features exist, despite many users forget to enable them or are unaware of their existence, which is why they end up not taking advan...

Krazy by Making moves
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Enhancing the Incognito Mode Experience in Firefox

Dear Firefox Team,As you may have noticed, other browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Bing, etc. have implemented a visually distinct transition when switching to Incognito Mode. Instead of relying solely on a symbol or icon on the tab bu...

Teknevra by Making moves
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Firefox Components (Customizlable browser!)

Hello everyone!I following this forum and I saw really good ideas since 2 days.So I just thinking if all our ideas added to this browser what happened?More features means more source, right?Some users needs lightweight browser and they wanting to dis...

schipht by Making moves
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Better caching iOS firefox

Mobile Firefox reloads page instead of showing from cache.It makes the experience unpleasant. Please consider improving caching in mobile Firefox for faster work.

_NN_ by Making moves
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Different iPad Firefox tab behaviour

Different iPad Firefox tab behaviorCurrently, on iPad with Firefox 110.0 (27761), after switching to another application. When I switch back to Firefox, it only displays for 5 seconds and then automatically creates a new tab and switches to that new ...

Edubyte by Making moves
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Improvements and changes within Firefox for iOS

Hello, today I come here to give my suggestions for Firefox for iOS. I'm trying to increase my integration between iPhone and windows more and more and this time I'm using firefox for this but some features leave something to be desired in the iphone...

silvs by Making moves
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Swipe up to exit picture in a Google search

When in a google search showing pictures, instead of pressing the (X) button in the top left corner, simply swipe up return to the grid. Many other browsers have this feature and it is a real time-saver that would befefit Firefox.

sebbe797 by Making moves
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Unwanted refresh on New Tab page on iOS

After a recent update, Firefox now refreshes the new tab page _after_ the keyboard has opened. This often results in me opening a pinned site or "jump back in" item, accidentally, instead of typing as I had intended. If the page must be refreshed, fo...

Prepare for a real browser on iOS in 2024

In 2024 apple will open up for alternative stores, this might open up for alternative browser engines. This I think would be a great incentive for Mozilla Firefox to prepare for launch of a real and good browser for iOS. Been waiting for this for way...

VeganFox by Making moves
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iPad trackpad scrolling should reveal tab/URL bar

Trackpad support on iPad does not work well. When scrolling with your finger, scrolling up shows the tab/URL bar as expected, but when using the trackpad, scrolling up with two fingers fails to pull the bar down. This makes the bar inaccessible when ...

Timelord by Making moves
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