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Accessibility: High Contrast Theme on Android

Hello, I wonder if this has been discussed for Android specifically: is there a plan to add a high contrast theme? With border everywhere (around the menus, tabs, buttons, toggles, on top/bottom of the bar depending on its place, etc.) and saturated ...

Feliu by Making moves
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Accessibility Suggestion - Top Bar Text size

I am a person with a newly acquired visual impairment.  I recently had to change/update my desktop computer.  I cannot see well enough to use phones or tablets for browsing or navigating websites, so I am old school with a desktop computer and large-...

Shube by Making moves
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More UI customization for Firefox on Android

For now, Firefox for Android has only very few UI customization options: you can select dark or light theme, set toolbar to top or bottom, change new tab wallpaper to one from 5 available, toggle a few features and that's it.I suggest adding a few mo...

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New features for Firefox Android

I would like new features such a new changes for the Android version of Firefox, starting from main ideas and a secondary one.Main ideas :- Better optimization and perfomance (implying battery consumption).- Add a data saving mode.- More security opt...

highlight color on tabs difficult to see

Highlight color is difficult to see.  Am using default system theme. This is in beta 115b2. I don't think 115 b1 was like this.   Ver 102 was like below:  

Razman_0-1686765061214.png Razman_1-1686765133453.png
Razman by Making moves
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Accessibility issue

Accessibility Issue Points:1- Search Bar make Accessible unable to read any type text, delete text and I can't edit text because edit box don't saw.2- This Reading Problem in All Edit Box include Password Edit Box. ( Read atlist • or * in Password Ed...

Star08 by Making moves
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Changes to mozilla that are hurting elders and disabled people

Hello, There have been changes to the way Mozilla interacts with the user that is making it difficult for some people who have cognitive disabilities. I work with some individuals who need the computer to do the same thing every time they use the dev...

green45 by Making moves
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Improve urility and readabilty of text.

I suppose you dont want people with vision problems to use your products./?  Maybe, cutesy page presentations do something for the programmers,  but light green text, light blue text against pale gtay/blu/grn  backgrounds are the pits to read!.  Text...

jp85372 by Making moves
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