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Improve Firefox View/History sync

The main goal is to one day Mozilla replace Google's My Activity. In Chrome, browsing history is synced nearly instantly, which means I can pick up from my phone on my PC and vice-versa instantly.Generally, I also accumulate a bunch of tabs on my pho...

nvmd by Making moves
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Synchronization Function Lmprovement

The Brave Web Browser has a great sync chain feature that doesn't require any email for the sync service.I'm thinking about whether or not I would recommend Firefox to carry Brave Web Browser's sync chain feature. In my mind commercial companies use ...

WuYihong by Making moves
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Sync functionality is incoherent and needs better user controls

At present it seems like Sync works by recording any browser config changes to the cloud and then propagating the cloud state to all client devices. The problem is that the user may not intend for changes made to one device to be reflected on all of ...

cyaugin by Making moves
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Chromium Linux is "De-Googled": It is time to Mozilla-ify it!

Chromium for Linux has been stripped of Google sync and other such silly things. It's time to Mozilla-ify it with: Mozilla VPN for Chromium plug-in. This would be in-browser VPN for $4.99/month #MozillaSync plugin for Chromium to sync between Firefox...

Eirikr by Making moves
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Adding an Outlook / Hotmail Calendar to Thunderbird

Despite many efforts (and following various sets of on-line suggestions), I have been unable to display my Hotmail (Outlook) calendar on Thunderbird.I use multiple computers and, unfortunately, can't change them all to Thunderbird.  I would, however,...

kjfnjy by Making moves
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Firefox Components (Customizlable browser!)

Hello everyone!I following this forum and I saw really good ideas since 2 days.So I just thinking if all our ideas added to this browser what happened?More features means more source, right?Some users needs lightweight browser and they wanting to dis...

schipht by Making moves
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ui improvement of Firefox

i enjoy using Firefox and keeping my data safe but honestly its so behind of its competitors like edge and safari in UI. please add blur effect for menus and tabs, improve and add more animation and add icon to menus. please keep me pleased using Fir...

Improvements and changes within Firefox for iOS

Hello, today I come here to give my suggestions for Firefox for iOS. I'm trying to increase my integration between iPhone and windows more and more and this time I'm using firefox for this but some features leave something to be desired in the iphone...

silvs by Making moves
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New Features

New features to have in the future:- Automatic page translation (mobile and desktop)- Password synchronization needs to be overcome the delay (between mobile and desktop)-listen to music in the background with the screen off

ONE by Making moves
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