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Fix Text Selection

Selecting multiple words by tapping and holding then dragging over them doesn't work at all.Selecting one word quickly by double tapping doesn't work.Selecting a word by tapping and holding doesn't always work if the text cursor is currently in the m...

Make Firefox mobile a competitor to Chromeos' Chrome

Disclaimer: This isn't a complaint at much as it is context to epxlain my idea(sorry for bad english). tldr;make firefox mobile more like desktop app to be more comfortable in chromeos, I know there is a linux version you can install, but my chromebo...

Ler588 by Making moves
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Bookmarks on mobile

There are 3 improvements that would make my experience better:The bookmarks could be a separate icon shown directly in the toolbar. That way the user doesn't need to click on 3 dots and then on bookmarks.If this is not doable (maybe there's not enoug...

Vojislav by Making moves
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Mobile downloads hard to do in bulk

Hey, downloading stuff in bulk on the mobile version of Firefox is hard to do because of the "Download" button that shows up every time you try to do so. I had to download 15 or so files a few days back and the second you miss the download button it'...

Recommendations for password managers

I'm not quite sure about the encryption method used by Firefox's password manager. Bitwarden uses end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 authentication process to protect sensitive data, does Firefox's password manager ...

Bookmark management in Firefox Android is inconvenient

I have dozens of websites in my bookmarks, and then I want to categorize the bookmarks, then create a new folder in the bookmarks, and plan to move some websites to the specified bookmarks, but there is no function to quickly move bookmarks, I can on...

Here's my list of recommendations for the Firefo'x browser

1. Add vertical tab function and tab grouping function. Someone made this proposal in 2022 and got support from hundreds of people, but you haven't developed it yet.2. Modify the default settings of Firefox to improve privacy and security. Specific m...

Make Mobile FireFox more like Desktop Firefox

Make Mobile FireFox more like Desktop Firefox.  This would give us the desktop features like, Exporting Bookmarks to a local file, Importing bookmarks to a local file, opening local files using the mobile version of firefox .....Thanks,chevymonticarl...