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Marionette changes theme

Hello! Whenever I enable marionette, the search bar changes its theme to be a striped red, with a robot icon to indicate that the browser may be remote controlled. Where in the code is this set? I haven't been able to find it. I'd like to disable it ...

walseb by Making moves
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Edited suggestions are not visible to other users.

I updated my suggestion titled "Translation add-on Firefox for Android" on Mozilla Connect. However, after the update, my suggestion did not appear on the platform and disappeared in the Trend section.   

filinta by Making moves
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Dev Tools: Console: Proxy objects are tough to read

Proxied objects in Firefox dev tools console are tough to make sense of.Here is a screen shot of the Firefox console:Here is a screenshot of the Chrome console:As you can see Chrome proxy objects are much smoother and easier to make sense of. In fire...

greggcbs1_0-1666187290483.png greggcbs1_1-1666187308219.png

Revisit the Thunderbird Development Work Flow

I suggest that the developers of Thunderbird shut down for a day of reflection. Version 102 had serious problems, and the developers deserve time to reflect on it now while it’s fresh in their minds, instead of working extra hours to fix bugs. I am n...

davidsk by Making moves
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