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If you look at my picture, there are black areas on the left and right sides of my picture. This is a feature called mailbox, which is used to combat browser fingerprinting, as is the case with librewolf and Tor browsers. This function called "mailbo...
I only found the source code of Firefox for android in GitHub, not the source code of Firefox for windows, so I hope you can open source Firefox for Windows in Github
According to the test of the privacytest.org website, I found that the Firefox browser can fully pass the Cross-session first-party tracking tests and Cross-session third-party tracking tests after turning on the privacy mode, but it cannot pass thes...
When a browser addresses a page, the server assigns an ETag to that page. This ETag is used by the browser to cache the page's contents. Upon subsequent requests, the browser sends the ETag to the corresponding server, thus letting the server learn t...
"Authorization" header value is cached by the browser, and then is sent alongside every request to that domain. It means that it can be used for tracking purposes just like cookies.Once you've developed this feature, make sure you make sure to enable...