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Thunderbird 115.4.1 - What have Mozilla done :(

Having selected Share Ideas and Feedback from Thunderbird, I cannot find anywhere to pass feedback back to Mozilla other than creating a post here.The latest upgrade is nothing short of abysmal, and almost unfit for fit.  Who signed off on this relea...

LynxIT by Making moves
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Thunderbird Layout

There have been afew adverse comments of the latest layout.  My complaint is that the 'panes' for e-mails can longer be adjusted, nor others, that there is only about an inch (or a few cms) of space to read the message.  Please give back some flexibi...

PRCG by Making moves
  • 6 replies
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Thunderbird mail date error

I noticed that there are two fields for the date/time of the emails: one is called date and the other is called received (in the italian translation they are Data and Ricevuto as you can see in the attachment).In the POP3 configuration (see Screensho...

AldoGiga by Making moves
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Stop Requiring Users to Need customizing for basic services

As a volunteer on SUMO, I am continually seeing requests from users who have never used the config editor or set up userChrome.css. They just want to use Thunderbird for email, but the weird layout with the tool bar and the unprecedented mandatory th...

davidsk by Making moves
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File drag support from thunderbird to firefox on windows

Drag support from thunderbird to firefox has stopped working recently(I mean drag a file to upload in some website for example onedrive or web whatsapp or web telegram) in my windows machine. It was not totally relieble before but at least with a few...