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Thunderbird-open message in new tab broken

Thunderbird, update 115.2.2 (64-bit), on  PC Windows 10pro 64."Open messages in new tab" feature not working - after reopening TB body and menu are blank.Reinstalled program and reopened different tabs - still blank, upps...

Nina_IF_ by Making moves
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Amending Thunderbird 115.2.2

Hello, The new upgraded Thunderbird 115.2.2 needs to have a couple of changes: 1) - The space above the messages (ie: where the summary of the emails is shown) needs to be reduced.  In previous versions, that space used to be about 1" high.  Now it i...

ejlegg by Making moves
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Old icon thunderbird on version 115

Hello.I am new in here.Recently, i update the Thunderbird stable on version 115 from version 102 manually.I'm just notice, on Windows 11 taskbar, it use old icon.but on WIndows 11 start menu and desktop it use new icon. Is someone has this bug too? h...

Screenshot 2023-07-14 130350.png Screenshot 2023-07-14 130420.png Screenshot 2023-07-14 130636.png

Improve Thunderdbird Signature Text Function

I really like Thunderbird but I feel the Signature Function in Thunderbird is not well implemented. For example, the default option of editing signature text is very basic and the result looks ugly and unprofessional (see Picture1). HTML signature is...

Progress2000_0-1691981191277.png Progress2000_1-1691981210864.png Progress2000_2-1691981227586.png