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Bridge android and desktop extension stores.

This might be a first, but bridging the android and desktop extension marketplaces can reduce confusion and allow a few new potential options.Things needed to complete this transition:A way to have an android extension appended to a desktop extension...

Firefox for Android v122 high battery usage

Hi members,After updating my Firefox to version 122.0 (latest at the time of writing this), I have noticed a significant battery drain on my Samsung Galaxy A24. I believe the battery drain is due to the background CPU usage by the app which is higher...

Firefox mobile- bookmarking frustration

 Often when I go to bookmark a page by tapping the star I will be just a little off with my aim and will instead be presented with the bookmarks menu instead. This resets the current bookmarks folder back to the default Bookmarks one so I have to try...

Firefox - Android - Titles in Tab not showing correctly

I posted this as a bug but it was closed due to this being an issue with Fenix / Android on stable as originally I thought this issue was in result to the new nav strip on Firefox Nightly. You can see these same sites have a Title issue inside the gr...

Screenshot_20240605-093639.png Screenshot_20240605-094640.png
Kaoxt by Making moves
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Firefox Nightly - Android Tablet Nav Strip / New Tab Issue

Since this was reported as not a bug, making a topic on the issue here.With the Nav Strip being added to Firefox Nightly on Android Tablets, the Home Button and New Tab button function exactly the same. Shouldn't there be a difference between the two...

Kaoxt by Making moves
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Removing websites from homepage (mobile iOS)

I can’t seem to remove any websites that show up on the new tab page on mobile, even if I press & hold, then select “remove.” Even if they go away, they come back in less than a second.

Suggestions for Improving the QR Code Scanner

A few months ago, I noticed that the QR code scanner screen on Firefox for Android was a bit compressed, and I just noticed that the resolution of the scanner screen would be lower after exiting and re-entering Firefox. Are these two minor bugs?The a...

Eeeee by Making moves
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