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Firefox Components (Customizlable browser!)

Making moves

Hello everyone!

I following this forum and I saw really good ideas since 2 days.
So I just thinking if all our ideas added to this browser what happened?

More features means more source, right?
Some users needs lightweight browser and they wanting to disable or remove what they don't used.
Some users using browser really heavy and they needs everything.

I saw many products in these days, they allow users to what they want to install (via cloud) and remove.
If you thinking don't want to use any feature what you don't needed, you should uninstall easily.
And one more thing, this features only updating itself from major update to major update.
Lets make a components page in settings and allow users to disable/remove features.
Components updates itself without waiting a major update.
Firefox can come with really lightweight version in first install.

For example: I don't need "Pocket" and I think I don't use that never but I know many users loves it and using daily.
Some browsers coming with games, vpn services, mail client, social media toolbars etc.
More customizlable, more power!

Have a good day all!




Making moves

For mobile it is already happening

They did it years ago to create the various browser like Focus but they are UI focused as Firefox code is very huge and is connected and is not easy to separate the various areas.

Like for

Making moves

@schipht @Mte90 Hi all! Did anyone think about what you guys are talking about, here:

Making moves


Well Firefox and Thunderbird shares a lot of code... like Gecko, UI and WebExtension stuff infact as you can see since various version now have the same versioning of Firefox to keep up with the changes.

The proposal of this ideas is to have components that are like extensions for native Firefox stuff.


Making moves

@Mte90 I think this idea is amazing, is this what we call a microkernel instead of the monolithic kernel? For example, when we separate the layers of an application, in this case like Firefox... in this case of the idea proposed here in Firefox... of, for example, separating the layers... this would allow a better componentization, so we could say that this idea would be.... turn Mozilla Firefox into a microkernell? If so, I think it's worth thinking about the idea... microkernells are "less complicated to manage". reference: