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[Newtabpage] customization,refinments and common sense.

1. Please stop sending DNS requests/Prefetching to websites pinned in my top website section (shortcuts) every time I start my browser.2. Thumbnails of my shortcuts should be stored locally so that they are not deleted along with the entire browser h...

Igy by Making moves
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Make Firefox mobile a competitor to Chromeos' Chrome

Disclaimer: This isn't a complaint at much as it is context to epxlain my idea(sorry for bad english). tldr;make firefox mobile more like desktop app to be more comfortable in chromeos, I know there is a linux version you can install, but my chromebo...

Ler588 by Making moves
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Suggestions for Improving the QR Code Scanner

A few months ago, I noticed that the QR code scanner screen on Firefox for Android was a bit compressed, and I just noticed that the resolution of the scanner screen would be lower after exiting and re-entering Firefox. Are these two minor bugs?The a...

Eeeee by Making moves
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Feedback: New tab layout change

The new tab layout changing so that you have less flexibility to lay your common links out: sucks.I used the layout to organize my developer resources, which are all in a continuous left-to-right string now. I would have deliberate gaps because how t...

Mozilla connect prompts to sign in everyday.

I visit this site once in a day, and everyday it somehow signs out by itself and prompts me to sign in again. Though, the automatic mozilla sign in hardly takes a moment but is it something which happens on intention or is simply a kind of bug.

Here's my list of recommendations for the Firefo'x browser

1. Add vertical tab function and tab grouping function. Someone made this proposal in 2022 and got support from hundreds of people, but you haven't developed it yet.2. Modify the default settings of Firefox to improve privacy and security. Specific m...

Firefox is suggesting me my old (removed) bookmark

as stated in title, which is very strange, since i have removed the bookmark and i have multichecked everywhere and make sure it does not exist anymore. I have even cleard all history and every data i have. Still suggest me the same thing. Disable "s...

garylkz by Making moves
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