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Really S-L-O-W startup

Firefox 98.0.2 in Linux...  from menu click to opening window takes 25 SECONDS!  No cpu activity and no network activity during that time.   What is Firefox doing?  Or, what is it waiting for?  On the same hardware, Debian firefox-esr 91.8.0 takes ab...

99Kido by Making moves
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How to get Firefox to use integrated graphics card?

Here's what happens:I experienced severe lag and crashes when playing some videos with live comments, and it seems no graphics card usage (no dedicated graphics card on the device, only integrated). I tried turning hardware acceleration on/off in set...

Jenee by Making moves
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Scrolling micro stutters

In the latest version of firefox, I've noticed the scrolling sometimes micro stutters. It doesn't happen all the time on every website but I've noticed it on twitter as well as in google docx most consistently.

Vram usage so high.

my product AMD 5800H amd graphics, 24gramram usage was enough but vram is so high usage. so then I browsing freeze.when I new firefox windows high usage vram.Can it fix it??i think it was critical problem with igpu system. 

화면 캡처 2022-03-20 174327.png

Game logs me out in the middle of use.

Only happens on this browser and not the others. I don't have time to troubleshoot and since it works on my other browsers I can still play it, but figured I'd let you know. I let the game know as well.

manihi by Making moves
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Trend Micro

This is a private opinion.  Australian Trend Mirco(TM) users have been waiting since October, 2021 for the completion of testing of a suitable way to allow their TM Toolbar to operate successfully since the change in Firefox that closed off the optio...

GlennM78 by Making moves
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Please listen to the community

Volunteers are working hard on translating Firefox, offering user support, and helping users to move from Chrome, only for Mozilla to come and mess things up. People are leaving Firefox because instead of actually improving the browser and listening ...