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Why does Firefox sometimes just not work with some sites?

Firefox has been my default browser (Mac) for years, and it usually works well (except see this: Please mark minimized windows with a ♦ in the Window menu) But occasionally I find a website that works with other browsers, but not Firefox. The most co...

GRobLewis by Making moves
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Really S-L-O-W startup

Firefox 98.0.2 in Linux...  from menu click to opening window takes 25 SECONDS!  No cpu activity and no network activity during that time.   What is Firefox doing?  Or, what is it waiting for?  On the same hardware, Debian firefox-esr 91.8.0 takes ab...

99Kido by Making moves
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Preload PDF pages

When opening a pdf file in the browser's built-in reader (even a locally stored pdf), the pages are only loaded when the user scrolls sothat pages come into view. When scrolling back up, the pages have to load again and it seems they are not stored i...

Dan by Making moves
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Improving performance per resource, not absolute performance

Competition, for example, faster page loads compared to Chrome, may degrade performance per resource.Demanding resources from users is the same as demanding high spec hardware. In other words, it imposes an economic burden on users. I am concerned th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Game logs me out in the middle of use.

Only happens on this browser and not the others. I don't have time to troubleshoot and since it works on my other browsers I can still play it, but figured I'd let you know. I let the game know as well.

manihi by Making moves
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Minimalize firefox

Do not show "go forward one page" If it can't be used, just like microsoft edge shown in the picture.Do not show "save page to pocket" If pocket hasn't been activated, it reduces the size the context menu.

Pity_1-1657302886540.png Pity_0-1657302855149.png
Pity by Making moves
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How to get Firefox to use integrated graphics card?

Here's what happens:I experienced severe lag and crashes when playing some videos with live comments, and it seems no graphics card usage (no dedicated graphics card on the device, only integrated). I tried turning hardware acceleration on/off in set...

Jenee by Making moves
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Scrolling micro stutters

In the latest version of firefox, I've noticed the scrolling sometimes micro stutters. It doesn't happen all the time on every website but I've noticed it on twitter as well as in google docx most consistently.