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Disappearing Search Engines

Within the last few days, both IMDB and Project Guttenberg have disappeared from my search window, and appear no longer to be available. Why has this happened? It's really annoying when Mozilla does this to us.Thank you,Terry

Terry by Making moves
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Resolved! We need Firefox PiP Captions to be compatible with more sites.

I love all the upgrades to Firefox PiP over the past year, and one of my favorite additions are the caption support. Some major sites are supported, but other major sites aren't.I'm not an expert on the underlying framework, but I know Firefox boaste...

Why does Firefox sometimes just not work with some sites?

Firefox has been my default browser (Mac) for years, and it usually works well (except see this: Please mark minimized windows with a ♦ in the Window menu) But occasionally I find a website that works with other browsers, but not Firefox. The most co...

GRobLewis by Making moves
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PDF annotations in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback!

Hello!I'm Romain from the product team. We just launched Firefox 106 that brings annotation capabilities to our pdf reader, built inside Firefox.When pdf forms are not fill-able or when some quick notes are needed on pdf documents, you can now direct...

rtestard by Employee
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Do you really need to block ALL downloads since Firefox 93?

Recently I noticed 95% of my downloads being blocked by firefox with alarmist "CRITICAL SECURITY RISK DO NOT PROCEED YOUR DRIVE WILL BE ERASED AND YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EMPTIED" warnings solely based on the http origin of the file. As a web developer and...

Inuya5ha by Making moves
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Accès aux marques pages / Access to bookmarks

Bonjour, Depuis peu quand je fais défiler mes marques pages vers le bas pour en ouvrir un, dès que le lien s'ouvre, Firefox retourne tout seul en haut de la liste des marques pages. Je perds du temps quand je veux ouvrir plusieurs marques pages à la ...

nico123 by Making moves
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My note isn't properly a bug (Firefox for Android, Huawei).

Hello, I want to submit a request to the team, if it will be possible, to extend compatibility with mobile chipsets: unfortunately I have a Huawei y6 2018, with snapdragon and adreno GPU and it's almost impossible for me to think of using Firefox bec...

MrAlex83 by Making moves
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The Awesomebar Needs to be More Awesome

Firefox's address bar is flat out streets behind Chrome's in terms of functionality. There are two big gripes I have with it in its current form:Autocomplete only works for top level domains. In Chrome if I want to check ESPN's NFL scoreboard the URL...

dvnwllms by Making moves
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