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Firefox for Android v122 high battery usage

Hi members,After updating my Firefox to version 122.0 (latest at the time of writing this), I have noticed a significant battery drain on my Samsung Galaxy A24. I believe the battery drain is due to the background CPU usage by the app which is higher...

Confusing plethora of Mozilla fora

The profusion of platforms for discussion and feedback has grown to confusing proportions:bugzilla.mozilla.orgcommunity.mozilla.org"Discussions" under connect.mozilla.org"Ideas" under connect.mozilla.orgsupport.mozilla.orgEven though some of these sh...

rsbrux by Making moves
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Jumping After User Scrolls

A suggestion:When I am using any of the bulletin boards that I have joined, I find it very annoying for a newly loaded page to jump to the top after I have scrolled down to the place where I want to read. I suspect that this occurs when additional co...

Putin Is Not A Good Friend

Are the reports true? Has my Mozilla agreed to cooperate with Putin in his efforts to counter any counter narrative to his pointless, senseless, illegal invasion of Ukraine and the war crimes, crimes against humanity he is committing there through hi...

JamesH by Making moves
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Natively support vertical tabs

Hello everyone,This is my first post so I apologise if I am not following a rule.I was curious read that firefox is finally working on vertical tabs (https://connect.mozilla.org/t5/discussions/here-s-what-we-re-working-on-in-firefox/td-p/57694) like ...

mikka by Making moves
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Thunderbird 115.4.1 - What have Mozilla done :(

Having selected Share Ideas and Feedback from Thunderbird, I cannot find anywhere to pass feedback back to Mozilla other than creating a post here.The latest upgrade is nothing short of abysmal, and almost unfit for fit.  Who signed off on this relea...

LynxIT by Making moves
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Changes to mozilla that are hurting elders and disabled people

Hello, There have been changes to the way Mozilla interacts with the user that is making it difficult for some people who have cognitive disabilities. I work with some individuals who need the computer to do the same thing every time they use the dev...

green45 by Making moves
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