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Question: Extension access to local files?

Hi, guys, would like to know if this is normal behavior of Firefox?my setup, firefox 117 32bit on windows 10, two of them, one with betterfox, one with lepton, both for customization.I just suddenly found out that, in Violentmonkey, if i make a scrip...

Firefox's hidden potential: Important features disabled

There's a lot of features (privacy, security, performance) that aren't enabled by default, which is unfortunate. The features exist, despite many users forget to enable them or are unaware of their existence, which is why they end up not taking advan...

Krazy by Making moves
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Google blocked direct access to our site in Firefox

Hi there,We are a small company with a simple static website. Our website is just a single HTML file with some common js imports (google tag manager). Today, we decided to embed a Typeform as a contact form. Minutes later, when we access the page on ...

Very new here and have a few questions about CAs

I've been researching phone security just as a bit of a "hobby" recently and CA certificates are definitely involved and not discussed as much as I think they warrant having knowledge about. I have a couple attatchments here. That being said, I found...

Firefox is suggesting me my old (removed) bookmark

as stated in title, which is very strange, since i have removed the bookmark and i have multichecked everywhere and make sure it does not exist anymore. I have even cleard all history and every data i have. Still suggest me the same thing. Disable "s...

garylkz by Making moves
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European Sync Server location planned? (GDPR?)

Since the Firefox Sync server is located in western US (can tell from the server name sync-1-us-west1-g.sync.services.mozilla.com in sync logs), are there any plans to also add a european Sync server? Wouldn't that also even be required according to ...

Dan by Making moves
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Resolved! Cross-site cookie question

what difference from Cross-site tracking cookies, and isolate ...  with all cross-site cookies ?and what best choose ?and what the best choose ?

Putra99 by Making moves
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Features Firefox lacks

   Features that Firefox lacks compared to other browsers: Ad blocker,  Pop up blocker, Dark mode, Get warnings about dangerous websites, Dns-provider.  Also something that looks nice to have.(look picture) (I only looked on mobile browsers)    

Jeppie by Making moves
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Deceptive site ahead

 Deceptive site ahead Firefox blocked this page because it may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing personal information like passwords or credit cards. Advisory provided by Google Safe Browsing.  Hey there...

Screenshot from 2023-01-24 09-55-58.png