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allow posts or comments here to be flagged as spam

I'm shocked this isn't part of the site already!just scrolled through the comments on a post, saw that many of them appear to have been written by bots and/or real users using AI language generators to generate nonsense to troll other users with. I c...

Emmic by Making moves
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"Privacy First" ethos

Mozilla's blog post of 14th May 2024 stated it has a "Privacy first" ethos towards telemetry, and then goes on to detail that their telemetry on user search queries will be on an opt-out basis. These two facts are diametric and cannot live together i...

Recommendations for password managers

I'm not quite sure about the encryption method used by Firefox's password manager. Bitwarden uses end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 authentication process to protect sensitive data, does Firefox's password manager ...

Firefox is suggesting me my old (removed) bookmark

as stated in title, which is very strange, since i have removed the bookmark and i have multichecked everywhere and make sure it does not exist anymore. I have even cleard all history and every data i have. Still suggest me the same thing. Disable "s...

garylkz by Making moves
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Google blocked direct access to our site in Firefox

Hi there,We are a small company with a simple static website. Our website is just a single HTML file with some common js imports (google tag manager). Today, we decided to embed a Typeform as a contact form. Minutes later, when we access the page on ...

Better Primary Password

Hi,The primary password approach that Firefox has is good but it can be better. The start-up prompt has a cancel button. This primary password only protects passwords, therefore it lets a wrongdoer access my browser history and even open websites whe...

saeedark by Making moves
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