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font on blog is incorrect

Hey guys, I am not seeing the Laila font being applied to the calendar's month on my blog page. When I check on Google Chrome, it shows correctly. Why is Firefox not showing it correctly? It has happened before with another update. I have version 123...

Ladan by Making moves
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Custom font Firefox 119.0

I am dyslexic, so I use the font Dyslexie, and have had it as my default Firefox font for several years. Almost all website text was converted automatically to Dyslexie. The latest update to Firefox 119.0 no longer seems to support this; all websites...

Resolved! PDF Editor

Mozilla enounced with the newest firefox version a functionality which should allow to edit PDF - documents, which would reduce the printing of the PDFs. With the firefox version update a Test - PDF is enclosed for testing this. I tried it but i coul...

HE by Making moves
  • 16 replies
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Make the Library tab-based

The Library is a neglected part of Firefox that very clearly combines decades-old technology with new design specs and icons. Unfortunately, it therefore looks like a frankensteined-together part of Firefox that could really, really use a facelift be...

Firefox on Ipad : Reload button misplaced

For years, the reload/refresh page button has been on the left side of the title bar on Firefox, esp on iPad, in the latest version, someone had the idea to put it on the right side of the URL bar, now each time i want to refresh a page, i click the ...

MattGreg by Making moves
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How to Stop Automatic Updates to Firefox

There must be some way built in to the program to stop automatic updates to Firefox. On or about 7, or 8, or 9 July 2023 Firefox automatically updated (I think it was to version 115) and as a result it no longer works. I simply can't get it to run. T...

Firefox for Android - about:config

Give about:config to Firefox for Android and let us customize it the same way we can customize the desktop browser. That... high level of customization was the only reason I started using Firefox back in 2006 and why I still prefer Firefox for the de...

rado84 by Making moves
  • 44 replies
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