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Forefox 120 problems in Windows 10

Starting with Firefox 120.0.0. updated in Windows 10, Firefox reports PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR for any and all websites. Anyone else seeing this?

TonyA24 by Making moves
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Why So Many?

Why are there so many instances of FF running and ALL at the same time, and at least half of them taking up memory / RAM.Chrome and Edge don't do this, so why does FF.It kind of like makes it look like sloppy programming.See attached picture.

StevieB by Making moves
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worst version yet!

You people need to read and understand the "law of diminishing returns". You had a good product years ago and it's been slowly going down hill by adding silly icons, flags, colors, etc. You're obviously running out of ideas so you are now just adding...

jayl by Making moves
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Support VJOURNAL in Thunderbird

Thunderbird # already has a great support for VTODO VCALENDAR and contacts. What is missing though is support for VJOURNAL entries. Journals are close to calendar entries. A great vesoverview gives jtx Additionally they introduce "notes" which are si...

woifes by New member
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Double click to search on clicked item in Thunderbird

Looking at my inbox (or any other folder) if I double click on the subject, correspondents/from, date etc cell of any row, I would like Thunderbird to search that column for items that match the cell I've double clicked. For example, if I double clic...

seven0f by New member
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Rearranging and sorting Multi-Account Containers

the only way to rearrange Containers is to edit "containers.json" when I click on Firefox Multi-Account Containers Extension button and then click on Manage Containers, it shows an option to arrange the containers but that arrangement only shows when...

OG by Strollin' around
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