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firefox tabs keeps getting crash

firefox tabs keeps getting crash. Each and every pageGah. Your tab just crashed.We can help!Choose Restore This Tab or Restore All Crashed Tabs to reload the page/pages.  

manp1988 by Making moves
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Changes to mozilla that are hurting elders and disabled people

Hello,There have been changes to the way Mozilla interacts with the user that is making it difficult for some people who have cognitive disabilities.I work with some individuals who need the computer to do the same thing every time they use the devic...

green45 by Making moves
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PDF Editing doesn't work

I received a new splash screen on my Firefox browser today telling me I could now edit PDFs.  They even had a 'Try it now' button linking me to a PDF that I could supposedly edit.  I clicked and the first problem was that it automatically opened the ...

Paul2 by Making moves
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After last update issue with Youtube

Hi everyone. After the last update, I get an issue with Youtube. No videos are opening at the HomePage and error in the consoleCould anybody can help with resolving issue? Thank you 

Calendar, no window after Hibernation

Hello,I work a lot with the calendar.I actually always leave the program open and switch the PC off via hibernation.When I start the PC again, I see the reminders of the missed or today's appointments in the taskbar. But when I click on it, no window...

Andymo by Making moves
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