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Firefox 98 - PDF Dowload and view

Managing PDF downloads and viewing has become a big problem with version 89. I am a programmer who has been working on healthcare applications for a few years and there are scenarios where it is convenient to download and in others where it is conven...

roxpec by Making moves
  • 89 replies
  • 20 kudos

Thunderbird for iPhone and iPad

Tl;dr: I would love to see Thunderbird (Currently known as K-9 Mail) also being brought to Apple devices. The term privacy and open source have become well used and something of a reason for many to switch apps/services and even operating systems and...

pjolt by Making moves
  • 53 replies
  • 149 kudos

Retain Pinned Tab

Feature request for Firefox Desktop:Add an option for retaining pinned tab even after closing the app.

Firefox's updater shouldn't auto-pin Firefox to the Taskbar

I'm on a Windows 10 and I created a script that automatically updates software on my computer, including Firefox, and every time the Firefox installer runs, it automatically pins Firefox to the Taskbar, despite Edge being my daily driver

avi12 by Making moves
  • 2 replies
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Support MacOS Text Replacement

MacOS features a fantastic system-wide text replacement feature which makes inputting common words and phrases (like an email address) very simple.It'd be fantastic if Firefox could be updated to take advantage of Text Replacement to provide a more ...

RickyRick by New member
  • 25 replies
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