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Upgraded to TB 102, lost ALL folders in one account. HELP!

I made the mistake of upgrading to 102 on my desktop. It is an unmitigated disaster. I have 3 email accounts connected to TB. One has lost ALL folders, including the inbox. The other two are fine. Naturally the one with the problems is my main email ...

Esch by Making moves
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Multiple instance for firefox running in win 8.1

Hi, Multiple instance of firefox is really a problem with my computer with Win 8.1 installed.  The ram is 4 GM only, but other browsers are working without problems.  Now I am using firefox version 100.0.2. Before this browser has an option to set ma...

ravi by Making moves
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Starts self scrolling through Facebook and won't stop.

swmpsngr by Making moves
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Upgrade to 102

After upgrading to 102 my themes all went dark.  I switched to the default theme so I could see email.  But any switch back to my Outlook theme for instance will be dark mode.  I have another theme Animated Cascading Waterfall and it goes dark as wel...

Bear by Making moves
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A lot of my emails are showing only html after update to 103

Just updated Thunderbird to 103.b1 and now a lot of my emails are only showing HTML. Just updated to b2 and it's the same. I didn't have this problem in 102 or before. Some message are showing blank and some are loading extremely slow. What happened?...

Renohal by Making moves
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4K Youtube video playback. Enough is enough.

The stuttering, loss or missed frames and it's even worse in 50fps or 60fps. I still even notice it in 2k only slightly, however in 1080p playback is smooth.I have a fairly high end PC, (6800xt, 16gb ram, 8600k) and after being a Firefox user for ove...

dizz by Making moves
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