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The danger of Mozilla updates

Once again, Mozilla Firefox has updated on its own, and dumped all the open tabs I had into cyber-heaven.  Admittedly, there were way more than I needed, but my initial reaction is visceral and ugly.  "Restore Previous Session" is greyed out, and all...

IHateYou by Making moves
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Updates to Android Navigation

Exciting changes are coming to Android: a new navigation bar designed to make your browsing experience faster and more intuitive. We have streamlined the navigation with back and forward arrows right on the toolbar so that you can move between pages ...

Screenshot 2024-07-19 at 11.04.04.png
andyf by Employee
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thunderbird 128 card view column width.

Initial view of the new thunderbird 128.0.1esr thru flatpak in Linux Mint 22. I would like to be able to widen the columns especially the card column.  I have a wide monitor and that card is really cramped.The message header pane still does not show ...

Stop Locking in uploads to the Most Recently Used file list

Partly because I have a healthy sense of paranoia about YOU PEOPLE IN FIREFOX having access to my most recently used file list - it really is NONE of your business. It also smacks of more surveillance state bull - but via the people of Mozilla and th...

Phuxxi by Making moves
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Firefox history does not show date and time?

I switched to Firefox recently from Google Chrome and I love it! But, the 'History' feature is missing a crucial feature (unless I'm missing something): The actual date and time you visited that particular site. Seems like a feature that should be th...

X-Chromer by Making moves
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Firefox for Android v122 high battery usage

Hi members,After updating my Firefox to version 122.0 (latest at the time of writing this), I have noticed a significant battery drain on my Samsung Galaxy A24. I believe the battery drain is due to the background CPU usage by the app which is higher...

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