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chat website formatting bar 'grayed' out

The above is B, I, s etc is grayed out and unusable on the chat website I participate on using the standard Firefox browser , but it works fine using the Firefox Private Browsing browser

Ironman by Making moves
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Problems with colors

There are mails where the text color is displayed incorrectly.Instead of black font color, a white one is displayed. The whole thing on a light background color, so that you can not read the text. How can I fix this error?ORIGINAL (Gmail) Thunderbird...

bobi_digital_0-1670093511164.png bobi_digital_2-1670093577650.png bobi_digital_1-1670093561532.png

Website not displayed correctly

I noticed today that Firefox is not displaying Bankrate.com website. I clicked on savings rates and the page is distorted as if by a magnifying tool. Seems to display fine with Chrome browser. Any thoughts?

Redsand by Making moves
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constant updates

For the love of God please allow us to turn off update notifications without having to program code. I used to love Firefox, but with this constant updating and no way to turn it off, at this point it's only second in software frustration to Adobe CC...

lashbo by Making moves
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Login problem on http://www.nsandi.com/secure-login

Am I alone having difficulty logging into http://www.nsandi.com/secure-login , since they introduced two-factor authentication?At the login page, an "accept/reject cookies?" banner pops up; I "reject all" cookies. Then I enter my login details (accou...

Save File Crashes Firefox

>80% of the time attempting to save an online image such as a .jpg will cause Firefox to hang requiring closing and restarting Firefox.

man2016 by Making moves
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youtube videos won't play ... again in 106.0.5 update

Inability to play YT vids was a major problem about a month ago -- I could run them in Chrome, Edge, and Brave. Then recent FF update fixed the problem ... for about a week, until 106.0.5 installed a few days ago. Again, YouTube hangs with spinning a...

jostan by Making moves
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Can someone help me

Hello, I want to update my theme, but after I click "Upload a new version" and upload a new version, it will display "Version 1.0 already exists"

Unable to download Hotmail emails

About 4 weeks ago Thunderbird was working fine downloading all email accounts and then suddenly it required a password for the Microsoft 365 outlook (Hotmail). Since then I have been unable to access the emails - including typing in the password. It ...

Tnj12222 by Making moves
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