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Firefox mobile homepage shortcuts feedback

A few Firefox mobile versions so you could add a page to your Mozilla homepage where you could have quick access to your favorite sites, all nice and good.After one update you now also have recently visited sites where, which you can not remove, whic...

Memory leak

New Firefox 102 has come with a HUGH memory leak. It is slowing down my PC, my internet experience and my pacience.

Downloads missing file type extension

After updating Firefox today (24-Mar-2022) in both current Windows 10 and current MacOS Monterrey, downloading a .docx file results in the file being saved without the extension.

reschly by Making moves
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On iOS, keyboard pops up again and again in tab menu

This issue has irked me for a long time to the point that I made this account just for this. When I go to look at my tabs, or anytime I open a new tab, the keyboard immediately pops up, as though inviting me to type something. Sure, on a new tab, I’l...

Bring back FireFox to version 88.0

 I kept version 88.0 for the longest time until my roommate hit the update button and now I can not go back to that version.  I stayed at version 88.0 for the very reason I am posting this. I do not like ANY of the updated changes AT ALL!!!!!   Do no...

PDF background went from white to light gray

Today I updated to 102.0. I made a .pdf document in Mathematica. These normally display with a white background for the entire document. Today the background for the document was entirely gray except for included graphics. This does not happen in Saf...

GaryNC by Making moves
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Thunderbird release 102 - F5 skipping first mailbox

Hi.  Just updated Thunderbird to release 102 and I noticed that if I press on F5 the fetch for new mail skips the first of the three POP mailboxes I have set up.  If I manually click on "Get All New Messages" the first mailbox is included in the fetc...

Problem with latest update

Since the latest update, i cannot go to payments on my Tesco order. I get an Access Denied code. Tried everything . Contacted Tesco customer support. They suggested using another browser. Switched to Microsoft Edge and no problem. Hope this is someth...

Thunderbird: Add Pronoun(s) field to Address Book

Thunderbird 102 has a wonderful new Address Book redesign, with features like Timezones and Relationship Manager. It would be very thoughtful and forward-thinking to also add a Pronoun(s) field, to further understand and be respectful of who we're co...

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