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Missing images on Mac Firefox version 111.0.1

Hi everyone, has anyone experience some missing images when browsering on FOX News (https://www.foxnews.com) page? And Also on Facebook when you scroll down the pages, and sometime suddenly jump few pages down unexpectedly. Please let know. I am pret...

Release 109 is a step backwards in accessibility

As of Release 109, Firefox users who rely on captions and subtitles no longer have the ability to dynamically change the font size on videos (or web pages) by using CMD+scroll wheel on a Mac.  Removing this feature is NOT an improvement for hearing-i...

Nomutile by Making moves
  • 5 replies
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[loklok website] Subtitles for Pic-in-pic mode being left out

Hi, I just discovered that firefox can do a pic-in-pic mode during movie time. It was great. But, unfortunately the subtitles were left out from the mode in still in the website. I am talking about the loklok website, to watch movies and dramas. Here...

Aoi by Making moves
  • 2 replies
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Firefox stores cookies locally without encryption, is it ok?

Hello everyone,I recently came across some disturbing news that Linus Tech Tips (LTT) was hacked via a malicious email attachment that stole session keys stored locally on the victim's browser. This made me concerned about the security of my own brow...

kennyfs by Making moves
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! PDF Editor

Mozilla enounced with the newest firefox version a functionality which should allow to edit PDF - documents, which would reduce the printing of the PDFs. With the firefox version update a Test - PDF is enclosed for testing this. I tried it but i coul...

HE by Making moves
  • 12 replies
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Yahoo Mail - Keeps Malfunctioning With Firefox

Yahoo! mail or Yahoo Mail, however which way you want to call it, keeps malfunctioning somewhere around version 109, possibly earlier. Suddenly what happens is no response at all when trying to click on SPAM, TRASH, or a Saved Folder. It just doesn't...

Trigger lasttab behaviour independent of pinned tabs

I am one of those persons that has their Firefox configured to not close when the last tab is closed, i.e., having toggled browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab. However, having tabs pinned breaks this behaviour. I am used to having an empty tab when I...

torgeros by New member
  • 3 replies
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