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Password Search

Add an option to search for a password by the web site address and not the username.

Radaxsly by Making moves
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Group Firefox Passwords

Generally the whole UX for passwords is not great. In the future, allow us to group passwords - such as creating a folder/tab labeled Email and then we can put all out e-mail accounts under.

Radaxsly by Making moves
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Forcing automatic update

What is wrong with you people?I depend on being able to maintain a stable environment for development for clients.  Your forcing of automatic update just trashed that.When you get your head out of your backside, you let me know, and I will re-install...

Wolffman by Making moves
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Private Windows on Firefox

Hi all !I’m Romain Testard, product manager on Firefox desktop. I’m super interested in opinions and ideas regarding Private Windows. We think that Private Windows are not simple enough to access and would love your feedback regarding what matters to...

rtestard by Employee
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"Mot de passe" pricipal pour firefox ne protège pas

Bonjour à tous,J'utilise l'option "Mot de passe principale de firefoxmais IL SUFFIT DE FERMER LE FORMULAIRE DE SAISIE et FIREFOX EST DISPONIBLE POUR TOUS,J'ai espéré autre chose comme accroître la sécurité,  mais je ne compren pas ...sans entrée mon ...

Herminot by Making moves
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The dark theme for extensions and web sites stopped working

Suddenly, with the usual viewing of the web pages, without changing any settings for no apparent reason, a dark topic for extensions and websites is turned off on its own (in the system and the browser settings are included). Firefox cleaning, starti...

AlfoMora by Making moves
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new tab override extension is a nightmare

This used to work but now takes forever. Endless waiting. Yes, I delete recent history, over and over again. Have also deleted thus extension and then re-activated it. Any suggestions? Help!     

brown576 by Making moves
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youtube on firefox

scrubbing through youtube videos on firefox is painfully slow. i'm sick of watching the spinning round thing that interrupts/pauses the videos.

YST by Making moves
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