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Lost Outlook after update last week

I have had to start using Edge because I cannot access my email which is Outlook since the most recent update last week, I get an error message with lots of code every time I try, please can you email me what to do my email is taybank@msn.com

More UI customization for Firefox on Android

For now, Firefox for Android has only very few UI customization options: you can select dark or light theme, set toolbar to top or bottom, change new tab wallpaper to one from 5 available, toggle a few features and that's it.I suggest adding a few mo...

1.1.png 1.2.png 2.1.png 2.2.png

Thunderbird addons

I cannot search 'ADDONS.thunderbird.net' inside add-on manager.'thunderbird v 102.8  on Linux'Opens tab hangs at 'Loading...'

Thunderbird installation - still brain surgery

Hello everyone,I installed Tbird on a Win 7 laptop a couple years ago, but then became frustrated with the search function (i have 100,000 emails) and moved on.I'm now ready to give Tbird another try.While it is still installed on the WIN7 machine, I...

Kostia by Making moves
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Facebook photos loading extremely slow on Firefox

For the last couple months, when I try to upload photos to Facebook while on Firefox, the photos load extremely slow, if at all.  Often times they start to load then just come to a halt, no matter how long I wait.  When I use Brave, the photos load i...

Inkmei by Making moves
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Create an alternative to electron

Create an alternative to webkit that is used everywhere as it release bindings to many languages.I tried in the past with a FFOS emulator: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/g-ene-one-day-experiment-gecko-alternative-to-electron-nw-js/7106But mozilla tr...

Mte90 by Making moves
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New Thunderbird Address book

While the new address book might look snappy, it lacks a few features that were good on the old one.1. You can no longer double click on the address book to expand it and edit contacts within. You now have to right click and select properties. Not ve...

JJC by Making moves
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