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Clicking on a link opens only a blank window in Firefox

I'm on an iMac, latest os update, latest firefox update. Now when I click on a link in an email, firefox opens a blank window. Just one window. Clicking on the link a second time opens another window with the proper opened link. This is similar to th...

stanr by Making moves
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Add Firefox Support for RTX Video Super Resolution

Please, work with nVidia to add support for RTX Video Super Resolution in Firefox. Nearly 80% of internet bandwidth today is streaming video, and 90% of that content streams at 1080p or lower. Many of us use displays with resolutions higher than 1080...

navek by New member
  • 58 replies
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Support word splitting/segmentation for Chinese and Japanese

Hoping to see someday Firefox will support word splitting or word segmentation for Chinese and Japanese. It is extremely useful in situations like double click to select, and Ctrl+Backspace (Option+Backspace) to delete.希望 Firefox 能够支持中文及日文的分词。在双击选择、C...

Android 14 CA User certificates only: Firefox Mobile

I would like a way to allow us to trust a user CA for certain sites at least. Or maybe even self signed keys for particular pages more permanently. Since android 14 you can no longer add a CA to system certificate settings only user. Making it nearly...

android app closes when trying to make a video full screen

Firefox app on Android, Samsung Galaxy ultra s23, app last updated 2024-01-18.Whenever I tap the full screen button on a video, the video briefly switches to full screen, but immediately after Firefox closes. I then need to open the app again, tap th...

agazza by Making moves
  • 2 replies
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Add a flag to set Ctl-c/Ctl-v copy/paste to plain text

Please, PLEASE add the ability to change around Ctl-c/Ctl-v copy/paste to be *plain text* copy & paste. I get it, a lot of folks find value in formatted copy/paste. I don't disagree. But for the love of all that's holy, let me change the defaults aro...

The translate button should always be available

Or it should be better at detecting which pages are in other languages. But that seems less reliable than just letting me as a user decide when to translate. Currently dozens and dozens of pages I view in other languages do not trigger the translate ...

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