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Share your feedback on the AI services experiment in Nightly

Hi folks,  In the next few days, we will start the Nightly experiment which provides easy access to AI services from the sidebar. This functionality is entirely optional, and it’s there to see if it’s a helpful addition to Firefox. It is not built in...

asafko by Employee
  • 85 replies
  • 12 kudos

Profiles Switcher

Profiles management with the ability to store/use and synchronize it from different cloud storage providers/hard drive

ITtechCA by New member
  • 2 replies
  • 1 kudos

DNS-over-HTTPS on Firefox (Android)

Idea: Add DNS-over-HTTPS support for the Android version of Firefox Reasoning: Google Chrome for Android already supports this, as does the Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux version of Firefox. This can be used to make the mobile browsing experience more...

Fuchsia by Strollin' around
  • 36 replies
  • 129 kudos

Ability to search the calendar

The ability to search the calendar in such a way that all calendars (or individual calendars) can be searched backwards to the very beginning or forwards to the very end by choosing one of two options: search for events in the future, search for even...

Solarized Theme

Please add a Solarized dark/light variation option to the flat b/w options in themes with an easy toggle like Zend-Fox 

ITtechCA by New member
  • 1 replies
  • 1 kudos

Calendar: X rolling days

In calendar views, we have 1 week, multiple weeks, 1 month. When we are at the end of the week/month, it's not easy to anticipate incoming days/weeks. I suggest to be able to choose X rolling days/weeks from today/this week (eg: 7 rolling days --> Sa...

AmigaINC by New member
  • 5 replies
  • 8 kudos

Fully support Web USB and Web Serial

Web-based IDEs like Arduino and Github Codespaces are now commonplace. They are hobbled in Firefox due to an inability to access development boards without installing extra system software, which rather defeats the purpose of having an IDE that runs ...

ali1234 by Making moves
  • 33 replies
  • 45 kudos
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