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a script blocks afte the update to firefox 100

The website wetransfer.com does not load properly, and Firefox slows down with 100% CPU use.  It occurs since the update to version 100 of Firefox. Before it worked well. But maybe it is not related to the update? I have whitelisted this very useful ...

dieten by Making moves
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i am recently having issues with my mail apps on Firefox. every 5 minutes it is showing system error and i should close Firefox relaunch again and then use my mail apps like gmail.

Starlord by Making moves
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Video problems after the last update (100)

Noticed problems on playing videos after the last Firefox update (OS Win 10 Pro)Instagram - "Video can't be played because the file is corrupt"Facebook - "Sorry, we're having trouble playing this video"YouTube life streaming - There is an error. Try ...

No sync only of imported identifiers (logins and passwords)

Hello,I have exactly this problem (title)- Brand new installation of Firefox on PC (Linux Mint 20.3)- Import favorites and passwords- Settings, etc.- Connecting to Firefox sync with a new account- Sync, restart, re-syncThen install Firefox mobile on ...

hervel by Making moves
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Resolved! Firefox needs to do something about Back-Button-history loading

Websites are regularly filling up the back-button history with several copies of the same page, or even injecting different URL that the user never visited.Please come up with a way to stop websites from having the ability to inject URLs into the bac...

KirkH420 by Making moves
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update patch fail

most recent update patch failed and now getting on line is almost impossible. is there a fix? 

[ANDROID] v100 history update

Recently, in the V100 release for Firefox Android, History has started showing up in the same area as top sites.This new feature brings a similar experience from users on Firefox Desktop to Firefox Android. However, it also generated a great deal of ...

SUMOsJR by Employee
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