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Random message repositioning

Since upgrading to Thunderbird 115.3.1, I've been experiencing really odd behaviors when managing emails. I have the message pane turned on, but when I'm just going thru emails and deleting those that I have no need for (junk / spam / etc), it someti...

ChadB by Making moves
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Mulitiple FireFox crashes resolved - 3rd September 2023

Restarted my desktop PC after 3 weeks vacation. After all the updates were completed (Windows 10 and FireFox 118.0.1 among several others) I opened FireFox to access bbc.com and YouTube. During 90 minutes there were 7 or 8 crashes. Tried Chrome and a...

IanB by Making moves
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New version awful

The new version of Thunderbird (115.3.1) is awful!  The whole format is completely foreign and I see no way to reformat things like they were or any way to get back to the previous layout.  Please provide a way to get back to the previous layout.  I'...

Question: Extension access to local files?

Hi, guys, would like to know if this is normal behavior of Firefox?my setup, firefox 117 32bit on windows 10, two of them, one with betterfox, one with lepton, both for customization.I just suddenly found out that, in Violentmonkey, if i make a scrip...

Firefox Translations Ideas

1) Ability to press the icon in the address bar again to close the translation bar that appears at the top2) Ability to enable (and possibly disable) an option in the context menu to translate the entire page3) Add an option in the title bar or icon ...

cr3atura by Making moves
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Thunderbird 115.3.1 (64.bit) vs. / Win 7

Hi there,I was lurde into this update, only to find myself with a hardly usable product.Doubtfull is: any testing done before release ??The Main window does not show anymore the:- windowed mode- fullscreen mode- minimize to taskbar- exit complete and...

Thunderbird 115.2.2 feedback

Greetings,Sorry to say, but the new version is a no-go for us.Our entire staff is disappointed, the new interface is terrible : Font change makes it really less readable, even the new filter bar is really wrong (location, etc).We cannot of course dow...

NGFred by Making moves
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Support WebAuthn Passkeys

Firefox supports WebAuthn, but as far as I could tell only with hardware tokens. I could not find a word about Firefoxs support of Passkeys (like Apple announced recently) anywherePersonally I don't know why passkeys werent adopted much sooner, it se...

era by New member
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