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Firefox Annoying "Update available" popup

I get a very annoying "Upgrade available" popup whenever I am using Firefox browser. It suggests downloading the latest version of Firefox. I have done so a number of times but the popup appears again and again. I am getting annoyed enough to conside...

Arceenut by Making moves
  • 2 replies
  • 6 kudos

Mozilla Thunderbird issues with Outlook Accounts

I'm not really sure if this is the right place to have this addressed but i'm having issues with Outlook email accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird.Apparently is keeps on asking for the password even though it has been memorized.The version number is115.7...

Mizar by Familiar face
  • 65 replies
  • 5 kudos

Feedback after initial setup and first use

I, like many I presume, and desparately trying to escape the Microsoft and\or Apple ecosystem.  As of about the past year, the outlook app on Android has gotten so bad, that I've finally decided to reach out and try some new apps for managing both br...

addohm by Making moves
  • 7 replies
  • 1 kudos

Update broke the video on Youtube.

What update version will fix the Youtube problem of not playing video....I have been declining to update since it broke youtube....I had to go back and restore to an earlier version....and that cost me much time and grief.....why don't you try to che...

mcgilbdd by Making moves
  • 2 replies
  • 1 kudos

Secure vs inconvenient

I've been pretty concerned to find that Firefox somehow knows my SIN, even though I would never allow any software to save it. I found out that the only way to get it to not remember this is to have Firefox not save either form fills or search histor...

KiAnBa by Making moves
  • 1 replies
  • 0 kudos

Improve screenshot functionality in PDF viewer - scrolling screenshot

In Firefox, on a normal webpage, you can right click and go Take Screenshot. This allows you to take a scrolling screenshot as well, which not possible using standard screenshot software like Greenshot or Snipping Tool. Thumbs up! I just found that y...

KERR by Making moves
  • 7 replies
  • 6 kudos

Bounce feature for Thunderbird

Many years ago, there was an email program called Mail Washer, but it's long gone. One great feature it had was the ability to "bounce" unwanted emails back to the sender. So, if you got a junk email, you bounced it back, and the sender would get a d...

DWM826 by Making moves
  • 3 replies
  • 14 kudos

Mouse Pointer

Linux Mint "Victoria" updated Firefox to 123.0 a couple of days ago. It said it couldn't "fetch" some files, but I didn't record what they were. In any case, now my mouse pointer is a black triangle instead of a white arrow, but only in Firefox, and ...

DWM826 by Making moves
  • 0 replies
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Bring back PWA (progressive web apps)

Progressive Web apps are an important feature of a browser that Firefox is the only one missing.For some, it can be the reason to switch to another browser.In other cases like for the Steamdeck, it's what imposed the choice to only include Chrome in ...

brochard by Making moves
  • 330 replies
  • 1812 kudos
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