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Copy Link Without Site Tracking Feature - Logic Issues

"Firefox supports a new “Copy Link Without Site Tracking” feature in the context menu which ensures that copied links no longer contain tracking information."While this is a welcome change, i'd be much much more useful to replace “Copy Link Without S...

Website page slows and crashes firefox

Trying to buy car insurance on Allianz website, everything fine until reaching payment page. Firefox starts to slow down. OTP received from bank. Need to wait for box to become active to enter OTP. Very slow to accept input digits. Next option to "ve...

DWB by Making moves
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Add Firefox Support for RTX Video Super Resolution

Please, work with nVidia to add support for RTX Video Super Resolution in Firefox. Nearly 80% of internet bandwidth today is streaming video, and 90% of that content streams at 1080p or lower. Many of us use displays with resolutions higher than 1080...

navek by New member
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Added several browser fingerprint blockers

I am a person who cares about privacy protection, and I very much hope that you will enhance your fingerprint protection as soon as possible. I found out in your website about fingerprint protection on Firefox that your fingerprint protection is not ...

Tablet & Mobile UI - tab bar for Android

Firefox Fennec had a great tabbed interface on tablets. When Fenix came, we regressed to a stretched out phone UI. After years of stagnation, Android tablets are rising again, thanks to foldables and new initiatives from Google. Firefox is missing ou...

Scroll bar width and customization options

Please, please, please give an option to set the width of the scroll bar in Firefox. It's so narrow that about 50% of the time when I try to drag it down, I end up dragging down the whole window. I'm sure it's nice for those who have their smartphone...

Hotkeys? Yes, please!

Hello Connect Community!This is Nicole from the Fx Essentials Product Management Team. I am in the process of exploring some potential changes around hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts, as this is something that is being asked for quite a bit in the Connect ...

Give Firefox Beta's icon a recolor

Currently Firefox Beta's icon is just the icon of Firefox with the text "BETA". It doesn't look very good. I think it would be better to give Firefox Beta a recolor like Developer Edition and Nightly.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Live Captioning

Google Chrome and Safari browser have live captioning feature to enable deaf and hard of hearing people like myself to follow the dialogues on the video. Live Captioning will caption the video automatically if the audio of any voice is detected just ...

nikt by New member
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