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Hotkeys? Yes, please!

Hello Connect Community!This is Nicole from the Fx Essentials Product Management Team. I am in the process of exploring some potential changes around hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts, as this is something that is being asked for quite a bit in the Connect ...

Mesa 24.0.8 firefox Failed to compile vertex shader

With the latest update of Mesa(24.0.8) in ubuntu noble 24.04, starting firefox from terminal shows these errors and is using software rendering ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment. [GFX1-]: Failed to compile ver...

PDF annotations in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback!

Hello!I'm Romain from the product team. We just launched Firefox 106 that brings annotation capabilities to our pdf reader, built inside Firefox.When pdf forms are not fill-able or when some quick notes are needed on pdf documents, you can now direct...

rtestard by Employee
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Is browser.urlbar.quickactions.enabled gone from Firefox?

Hi there,Is browser.urlbar.quickactions.enabled gone from Firefox (Nightly 127)?I hope it's temporary, because how else, simply, can you restart Firefox if there's no "shortcut," and it's not a third-party extension?If so, Vivaldi Browser would take ...

gabeweb by Making moves
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Firefox 98 - PDF Dowload and view

Managing PDF downloads and viewing has become a big problem with version 89. I am a programmer who has been working on healthcare applications for a few years and there are scenarios where it is convenient to download and in others where it is conven...

roxpec by Making moves
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Feedback: New tab layout change

The new tab layout changing so that you have less flexibility to lay your common links out: sucks.I used the layout to organize my developer resources, which are all in a continuous left-to-right string now. I would have deliberate gaps because how t...

Why did you abandon Firefox Notes?

Were they difficult to maintain? It's just text via Firefox Sync.Firefox functions sometimes resemble Google services; as soon as you start using them, they disappear...

tilwiti by Making moves
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