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Firefox 98 - PDF Dowload and view

Managing PDF downloads and viewing has become a big problem with version 89. I am a programmer who has been working on healthcare applications for a few years and there are scenarios where it is convenient to download and in others where it is conven...

roxpec by Making moves
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Scrollbars disappear in Firefox 100

(Firefox 100.0 64-bit on Windows 11)Hi!Since updating to Firefox 100, scroll bars disappear on web pages if I don't move the mouse for three seconds. Is there any way to make them permanently visible again?I need visible scrollbars in the main web ap...

Neon5 by Making moves
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plz make firefox update to fix this

Please fix the side shape and the top control buttons(close, down, minimize) to be a modern shape to Firefox and the Windows 7 shape when the window be restored down and fix the speed to translate because It bit slow and YouTube not stable in high re...

YEHIA by Making moves
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Can we add some new features ???

1、Site access option for extensions like Edge/Chrome2、Vertical tabs like Edge3、Scroll screenshot like Nimbus 

KK1 by Making moves
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FF UI font size is way too small

Version: Firefox 91.7.1esr (64-bit), OS: Windows 10, Screen: 1920*1080Not sure if I'm the only one, but the font size of the menu, toolbars and tabs, or basically the text size of all FF windows and UI becomes too small to be readable now (the font s...

match798 by Making moves
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How to get Firefox to use integrated graphics card?

Here's what happens:I experienced severe lag and crashes when playing some videos with live comments, and it seems no graphics card usage (no dedicated graphics card on the device, only integrated). I tried turning hardware acceleration on/off in set...

Jenee by Making moves
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Current update resets browser windows size when opening

This is kinda of a weird one but whenever I start Firefox now (using the current update 99.0.1 on Windows 10), it doesn't remember the size of my browser window and resets to a smaller one. I have to manually resize my window each and every time I op...

Clicking on the search engine icon will not search directly now

Since some recent version, clicking on the search engine icon in the address bar only changes the search engine. I need to click "→" or press Enter again to search. I don't understand why this was changed this way. Since I clicked on the search engin...

Jenee by Making moves
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