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Thunderbird keeps playing alert sound Over and Over until message is read

Making moves

I have 64-bit 102.9.0 Thunderbird on Win10 setup to 'play a sound' for 'incoming mails'.

It .. Does .. play the sound!!   And .. Continues .. to Keep playing the sound every minute or so as long as it's unread.

I have 3 email accounts.   So I'll hear a Series of Pings.

I don't want to deal with every single message immediately.

This 'feature' makes Thunderbird rather unusable as a mail client - as I can't get audio notifications .. unless I really Like Chinese Water Torture by .. Pings.

Can you .. Please .. just add an option for 'play a sound' .. Once .. for each new message?   Just a checkbox so the 'Default' stays the same for anyone who prefers that?