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Fix WebRTC leak on Android/iOS

Webrtc still leaks local IP on Android & iOS version of the browser. No integrated setting for fix. Can fix using ublock origin's feature to do so.

Android version of Firefox janky

Hey there, I've fully switched to Firefox from brave around a week ago and have honestly been enjoying the experience for the most part but would like to address that the Android version of the browser honestly is very inconsistent when using it, I'l...

Firefox's hidden potential: Important features disabled

There's a lot of features (privacy, security, performance) that aren't enabled by default, which is unfortunate. The features exist, despite many users forget to enable them or are unaware of their existence, which is why they end up not taking advan...

Krazy by Making moves
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Firefox Components (Customizlable browser!)

Hello everyone!I following this forum and I saw really good ideas since 2 days.So I just thinking if all our ideas added to this browser what happened?More features means more source, right?Some users needs lightweight browser and they wanting to dis...

schipht by Making moves
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New features for Firefox Android

I would like new features such a new changes for the Android version of Firefox, starting from main ideas and a secondary one.Main ideas :- Better optimization and perfomance (implying battery consumption).- Add a data saving mode.- More security opt...

ACTUALLY open link in new tab when I "Open Link In New Tab"

This is in Firefox for iOS. This is less a suggestion and more like a demand, a requirement, fixing a bug, you messed up thing.In the Desktop version, I noticed ages ago the idiotic idea that when choosing to open a link in a new tab - usually becaus...

NiceGuy1 by Making moves
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