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Better caching iOS firefox

Mobile Firefox reloads page instead of showing from cache.It makes the experience unpleasant. Please consider improving caching in mobile Firefox for faster work.

_NN_ by Making moves
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Few interface improvement

Firefox Mobile for Android could improve with two things I had found : A better integration of the gesture navigation bar. Actually it is just an grey block with the bar but it could be beautiful without this block ! A smooth and pretty transition be...

armand by Making moves
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Complete rework of password management in Firefox Mobile

Firefox Desktop allows you to create random passwords in the desktop version, as well as conveniently create Relay aliases. But in the mobile version everything is very poorly arranged, at least on android for sure. The password manager doesn't alway...

firefox focus beta and nightly

 Make firefox focus beta and nightly worth it like firefox beta and nightly. Firefox focus stable, beta and nightly haves no difference between features. 

Jeppie by Making moves
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new feutures for firefox focus

Firefox focus is a great idea but it lacks some important features like add-ons, translation and dark mode. We have those 2 idea forums in review and if they get in development i have the feeling they will forget about firefox focus. https://connect....

Jeppie by Making moves
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Shortcuts/Pinned Websites Customisation/Feature Request

Feedback for Firefox Android Version1. Please give an option for turning of suggested websites or the websites that I've visited recently near the Shortcuts or Pinned Websites. It looks really cluttery, and it's really annoying. Look at the screensho...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Non recommend addon in Firefox Mobile

Will we be able yo use addons outside of recommended ones, I am mainly a mobile user and it is very inconvenient for me to use my pc when i need to particular addon.

t_j by Making moves
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