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                I really want that mozilla is gonna share what they have updated in the firefox nightly mobile version. Lately i'm finding new stuff just by accidents. like that cookie banner reduction is gone and replaced by something else or now th...
I looked in my settings in firefox nightly android and i saw that the option blocking cookie banner is gone and now i see a new setting what does the same but then for private browsing. So what happened to the old function?
Mozilla needs to add in the future the newest European payment method called Wero. Wero is starting in Belgium, France and Germany and in 2025 it will start in the Netherlands and after that the plan is to roll it out to the rest of Europe. Wero is m...
   Make Proton mail available on k9/thunderbird android. I know you can add proton mail to thunderbird desktop with their bridge but that isn't available on mobile. I think it's a great idea that the thunderbird team makes contact with the proton mai...
 Text translation is great but for single words not really because it gives only one answer. Some words have multiple translations and that doesn't get showed like it does with google translate. Please upgrade text translations with adding more singl...