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Shortcuts/Pinned Websites Customisation/Feature Request

Feedback for Firefox Android Version1. Please give an option for turning of suggested websites or the websites that I've visited recently near the Shortcuts or Pinned Websites. It looks really cluttery, and it's really annoying. Look at the screensho...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Non recommend addon in Firefox Mobile

Will we be able yo use addons outside of recommended ones, I am mainly a mobile user and it is very inconvenient for me to use my pc when i need to particular addon.

t_j by Making moves
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Features Firefox lacks

   Features that Firefox lacks compared to other browsers: Ad blocker,  Pop up blocker, Dark mode, Get warnings about dangerous websites, Dns-provider.  Also something that looks nice to have.(look picture) (I only looked on mobile browsers)    

Jeppie by Making moves
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Delete-button ('X') missing when you search the history

You know how there is an 'X' in the history to delete entries? That's missing when you try to search some specific entries and want to delete them.That's all I'm asking for.ThanksP.S.: this is on Android with the update from March 27th

Firefox mobile- bookmarking frustration

 Often when I go to bookmark a page by tapping the star I will be just a little off with my aim and will instead be presented with the bookmarks menu instead. This resets the current bookmarks folder back to the default Bookmarks one so I have to try...

Scrolling is not smooth on iOS

When one scrolls down with the address bar on the bottom, the scrolling does not take effects until the address bar disappears. This appears as a small lag, which is frustrating. Similar issues do not happen when the address bar is put on the top.

Improvements and changes within Firefox for iOS

Hello, today I come here to give my suggestions for Firefox for iOS. I'm trying to increase my integration between iPhone and windows more and more and this time I'm using firefox for this but some features leave something to be desired in the iphone...

silvs by Making moves
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My note isn't properly a bug (Firefox for Android, Huawei).

Hello, I want to submit a request to the team, if it will be possible, to extend compatibility with mobile chipsets: unfortunately I have a Huawei y6 2018, with snapdragon and adreno GPU and it's almost impossible for me to think of using Firefox bec...

MrAlex83 by Making moves
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Swipe up to exit picture in a Google search

When in a google search showing pictures, instead of pressing the (X) button in the top left corner, simply swipe up return to the grid. Many other browsers have this feature and it is a real time-saver that would befefit Firefox.

sebbe797 by Making moves
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Web App Installation

This is not an idea exactly. This is a feedback.Please fix the Web App functionality for Android. The Web App Installation doesn't work on websites like Amazon.in on Firefox. Brave does the same job beautifully.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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