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Please remove original variables name mapping feature from the developer tools

Making moves

I am using the newest version of Firefox 121.0.1 and a new checkbox to `Show original variables` under the 'Scopes' section in the developer tools showed up after the newest update when it wasn't there before. When it is turned on, this new feature on the developer tools is causing extreme slowdown and substantially slowing down my debugging time by taking 30+ seconds for my variables to show up in the scope every time I move around breakpoints. I would please ask for this feature to be removed or optimized so it doesn't impede with my development time since it worked just fine before and the variables showed up instantly before the update. Otherwise, I will have to stick with an older version of Firefox until this issue is fixed since I use it extensively for my debugging needs.






Making moves

Hi, the solution is checking in Scopes panel "Show original variables".

This is not a solution, marking this fields take a hell of a time to show everything. Before this feature (that seems like a bug that became feature) everything was smooth.