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Here's my list of recommendations for the Firefo'x browser

Making moves

1. Add vertical tab function and tab grouping function. Someone made this proposal in 2022 and got support from hundreds of people, but you haven't developed it yet.
2. Modify the default settings of Firefox to improve privacy and security. Specific measures such as Enhanced Tracking Protection enable Strict mode by default, and remove custom and standard modes. Turn on "Ask websites not to sell or share my data" and "Make Do Not Track Requests to Websites." By default, HTTPS-Only mode is enabled in all windows, removing the other two options. HTTPS-based DNS enables the default protection mode. I think changing the default settings should be easy to do, and there is no technical problem. (Priority Completion)
3. Add the function of blocking browser fingerprints similar to Brave browser. The way Brave blocks browser fingerprints is by randomizing them, and every time you open the Brave browser, the browser fingerprint is different. Although the browser fingerprint is highly unique, it can play a good role in protection because the fingerprint changes randomly. The way that Firefox intercepts browser fingerprints is to reduce the uniqueness of fingerprints, but it limits the window size, cannot maximize the window when starting, and affects the user experience, and the ability to intercept browser fingerprints is related to the number of people who use Firefox and enable fingerprint protection, which is also a disadvantage. (Important)
4. Built-in ad filtering plugin, there are many browsers with built-in ad filters, Firefox should also have built-in ad filtering plugins, I recommend using Adguard ad filtering plugin, this is an open-source ad filtering plugin, you can trust its security, and the use experience is better than ublock origin, and there are some privacy protection features. (Important)
5. Whether you can continue the research and development of the servo kernel, you have laid off the staff of this project before, it is really a pity, I hope you can continue to participate in the research and development of the servo browser kernel, and strive to use it in Firefox as soon as possible. (very important)
6. Can you learn Google's Material design style and then re-modify the Firefox UI? Your UI is also one of the reasons for the decline in user numbers, and your UI is not modern enough to be engaging. Of course, you can also learn the design style of the Arc browser, both browsers have a good UI (important)
7. I hope to have a Mozilla mail service, and pay the same attention to privacy as proton mail, and more importantly, make it available to Chinese.

8. Add Protect from DPI function. The Deep Packet Inspection is a system of deep analysis and filtering of traffic by packet content, as well as the accumulation of statistical data. Using this technology, ISPs have the ability to control the passing traffic and limit access to content for their clients.
9. Add the function of hiding IP address. This feature is to make the website think that I am using a proxy, spoofing the website and making the website ignore my real IP address. This feature doesn't work on all websites, but it does work as a privacy-preserving feature.
10. I want to download the Firefox for Android installation package from the Mozilla website, currently your website will only let me download Firefox from Google play, but not every country can use Google services. So I need this feature. And you should add a check for updates feature on Firefox for android. (Important)
11. Add tor on Firefox Windows and Firefox Android and use the tor network just like Brave. Tor Browser is based on Firefox's kernel, so it shouldn't be difficult to add Tor to Firefox.
12. Allows you to add multiple encrypted DNS and make parallel requests to receive responses from the fastest DNS. Firefox Android does not currently have an encrypted dns feature, so add this feature as soon as possible
13. Improve the protection panel of Firefox. After clicking on the shield icon of Firefox, an interface will appear, showing the trackers that have been blocked, you can change it slightly, because the trackers of the website are generally blocked and will continue to make repeated requests, you can count the number of requests, all ad filtering plug-ins are counted in this way, so there is an advantage, that is, it reflects the strength of Firefox's protection ability.
14.Firefox uses the tracker list provided by disconnect, can I add other tracker lists, such as the list of trackers commonly used by ad filters, I think the tracker list of ad filters will be better.
15. Firefox has a "Copy No Tracking Parameter Link" option and "Copy" option when copying a url, it is recommended that after copying a link can only copy a link without tracking parameters. (Important)

16. Firefox should develop its own search engine, a search engine that focuses on privacy protection, just like the duckduckgo search engine.
17.Firefox android toolbar should be placed in the middle of the screen, but you only provide two options, the top and the bottom, but in fact, the middle is the most user-friendly and reasonable. (Important)
18. It would be better and more distinctive to use the previous Firefox icon, because the previous icon was more like a fox.
19. I'm not quite sure that Firefox's password manager uses the Mission encryption method. Bitwarden uses end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 authentication process to protect sensitive data, does Firefox's password manager achieve the same security as Bitwarden's, and does it use stronger SHA-512 encryption? And I hope that the password area in the settings of Firefox can describe what encryption method is used to save the password, which is conducive to showing the security of Firefox and giving people a sense of security.
20. Firefox android cannot be installed by downloading the plugin in Github, while Firefox WIndows can download and install the extension in Github, and the extension will be automatically installed after the download is completed. But Firefox can't do that. So it is advisable to add this feature. (Important)
21. Keep Firefox open when the last tab is closed. This feature is that when you close the last tab, you go back to the new tab instead of closing the browser, close the new tab, and then the browser closes. It's a very useful feature, and I like it. This feature came out in the Edge 124 version, and then I found that I liked the feature.
22. I have an idea to develop a hidden tab function, generally the tab is hidden, and then it only appears when the mouse is close to the top of the screen, just like the hidden taskbar of the Windows system, this function can expand the display range of the browser, can save some screen space, and show more website content.

23. Develop Firefox for Harmony. Harmony OS next is an operating system independently developed by HUAWEi, this system cannot run Android software, if Google does not develop Chrome for Harmony, but Mozilla develops Firefox for Harmony, HUAWEI has hundreds of millions of users, you will have many more users. Harmony is developed in C++ and ArkTS. (very important)
24. Firefox shouldn't block me from accessing some websites, you don't have this right, there are some websites that are not dangerous websites but Firefox considers them to be dangerous websites, so I can't access them, but Chrome and Edge don't, Chrome and Edge will warn me that the website is dangerous, if I want to continue to enter the website, I can enter the website, but Firefox can't, why is that?
25. The adguard extension I use has a filter called Legitimate URL Shortener. This filter removes unnecessary '$' and '&' values from URLs, and I wish Firefox had this feature so that URLs can be shorter.
26. Add an encrypted bookmark bar feature. After creating a new bookmark folder, set the folder to an encrypted state, set a password, each folder can have a different password, after the bookmark is placed in the encrypted folder, the bookmark inside the search suggestion cannot appear in the search suggestion, and if you want to view the bookmark inside, you must enter the password, if you forget the password, you can't open it completely, you can only delete the entire folder. And the encryption algorithm used for encryption should be strong enough, such as AES-256
27. Open source Firefox for Windows in Github. If you can, put the Firefox installation package on Github, I prefer to download and install Firefox in Github.
28. Set privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing to true by default in about:config, which is a very good feature that protects privacy and does not have much impact on the daily experience.
29. When I want to type in the search box, but the content I type appears in the address bar, it is recommended to change it as soon as possible


Making moves







Note : there are no on-board effect under about:privatebrowsing

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Currently, Fingerprinting Protection is an experimental feature enabled by a confirmation flag set in about:config. It can also be enabled by Web Extensions.
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