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do not force browser restarts

While I love using Firefox, one thing is sometimes really frustrating: the "we just need to restart" thing. Perhaps that makes sense if the browser is never closed/restarted on a system running for weeks, thus being vulnerable to some security issues...

Firefox iOS Lockdown Mode PDFs

I noted a few things not functioning in Lockdown Mode that do work in iOS safari:PDF downloads / viewing: I understand viewing may be blocked due to implementation, but perhaps this can fallback on downloading the PDF to files. The option to download...

ramseyk by Making moves
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GPU usage fix for Youtube playback on Windows 11

I had high gpu usage when I was playing back videos on Youtube, about 70-80%. I have a laptop with i7 12700k and Nvidia RTX 3060. The video I try for the test is the following : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EhDlXx3okUI play it at 1440p and uses t...

Soremir by Making moves
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Browser tweaks.

Hi! I'm having trouble viewing some website ICONS. Even having the icon here in the browser does not appear. Taking the opportunity, I would like to suggest that we could increase the height of the bar to include more shortcuts to favorites and the p...

cassibox by Making moves
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gratitude and standing ovations for all mozilla teams!

all the the things going on in the world means smooth connection is a priority.i don't mind updating-exit-restart browser.it means you're looking after us so we can smoothly communicate.you all are awesome.best wishes and may 2023 be peaceful.elise

I miss how easy it used to be to send feedback

In previous versions of Firefox (on iPad and iOS at least, I can’t remember on desktop because it had less issues) I used to go to ‘settings’ > ‘send feedback’ in the menu and I was shown a very simple form where I could submit feedback (I seem to re...

Resolved! Please change the content of URL shortcut file

Hello,I've been a long time Firefox user and thank you for the work you've done. I just have a feedback request.I wonder if you can change the content of the URL shortcut file created on Windows?If you visit a site with Firefox, and drag and drop the...