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Dear Firefox. Please keep an eye on website compatibility

Making moves

I have used Firefox exclusively for near 10-12 years now.  Of late I am finding website compatibility issues and they seem to be happening more frequently.  I know this is a moving target, but when I cannot rely on your browser to complete the task at hand, I will have to switch.  I am getting warnings on many government website about preferred browsers, although I have not had many bad experiences.  Recently at Middleby Residential website (parts for home appliances)

I had to switch to Edge to complete an order and search process.  Thanks for a great product, but maybe you could create an easy way for users to ID websites your tools doesn't work well with.


Making moves

See my comments on the FamilySearch website for more incompatibility.

yup. Our IT department just uninstalled & blocked further installations of FF for this reason.

Just off the top of my head, Firefox doesn't work with, Key Bank, and  - can you believe this - the US Postal Service website. Un**bleep**ingbelieveable