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Default app to open attachment in Thunderbird

Say I have a email attachment in Thunderbird (Mac) with the extension .log.  If I right-click that and select Open, a window pops up asking what Thunderbird should do with the file, and under Open, the only options are "TextEdit (default)" or "Other....

jwwalker by Making moves
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Browser tweaks.

Hi! I'm having trouble viewing some website ICONS. Even having the icon here in the browser does not appear. Taking the opportunity, I would like to suggest that we could increase the height of the bar to include more shortcuts to favorites and the p...

cassibox by Making moves
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Firefox 98 - PDF Dowload and view

Managing PDF downloads and viewing has become a big problem with version 89. I am a programmer who has been working on healthcare applications for a few years and there are scenarios where it is convenient to download and in others where it is conven...

roxpec by Making moves
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Addon update annoyances

Two small annoyances with the way addons update that I've noticed:1. The about:addons page insists on opening every time an addon updates and requires new permissions - this appears to be unnecessary and is disruptive. Would be nice to just be able t...

KERR_2-1658745950927.gif KERR_3-1658746233489.gif
KERR by Making moves
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Dev Tools: Console: Proxy objects are tough to read

Proxied objects in Firefox dev tools console are tough to make sense of.Here is a screen shot of the Firefox console:Here is a screenshot of the Chrome console:As you can see Chrome proxy objects are much smoother and easier to make sense of. In fire...

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