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continue were I left Android 12

When using private mode and being on a website, going to the homescreen and then back to Firefox opens a new tab instead of the tab that was open before leaving.That's really inconvenient and disrupts the workflow.

velerma by Making moves
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Mozilla Connect heading size

What's with the huge amount of purple at the top of every page on Connect? It doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to make the "Search" area take up far to much of my screen. When getting important content "above the fold" is so important, su...

rolandw by Making moves
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Taking Firefox Accessibilty to the Next Level

Hi. I'm Asa Dotzler, product manager for Firefox Accessibility and I'm thrilled to be starting this discussion with you all.This year Firefox celebrates its 18th birthday. For the first 10 years or so, Firefox was in a class all its own when it came ...


While accessing google search, frequently I'm getting this error SSL_ERROR_DOWNGRADE_WITH_EARLY_DATAThis issue is only for google.com, all other websites are working.Also, In other browsers, google.com is accessible.  


Find in page at about:addons

Hello. With the considerable amount of addons, it becomes tedious to look through all the page to find the needed ones. To my surprise, I found out not only that Ctrl+F doesn't work as Find in page -- it selects the "Search addons.mozilla.org".I find...

lippiece by Making moves
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Let's talk about the "Copy Link" access key

Right now it's "L." This means that you can right-click a link and press "L" on the keyboard to copy that link's address. But why bother moving your hand over to the "L" key when you could just click "Copy Link?" Indeed, it's not much easier.However,...

Guest by Making moves
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