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Mozilla Connect Weekly Recap: Top-Voted Ideas (2/16-2/23)

Hey all, Happy Friday and welcome to another Weekly Recap here in the Mozilla Connect community! This post will highlight the top 10 most-voted ideas for the previous week (2/16-2/23). While some are ‘new ideas’ and others are already ‘in review’ (...

Jon by Community Manager
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Share your thoughts on how you shop online!

Hello Firefox Community! I’m Joy, a member of the Firefox Product team. I’m excited to engage with you on Mozilla Connect and learn more about your experiences shopping online on Firefox. Our team is working on ways to support and enhance your online...

Upgrading your computer and moving your Firefox data

Hello, Connect community!Our team at Mozilla is trying to understand how we can make the transition from one computer to another easier for Firefox users who upgrade their devices. We would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. What worked for yo...

asafko by Employee
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I miss how easy it used to be to send feedback

In previous versions of Firefox (on iPad and iOS at least, I can’t remember on desktop because it had less issues) I used to go to ‘settings’ > ‘send feedback’ in the menu and I was shown a very simple form where I could submit feedback (I seem to re...

Addon update annoyances

Two small annoyances with the way addons update that I've noticed:1. The about:addons page insists on opening every time an addon updates and requires new permissions - this appears to be unnecessary and is disruptive. Would be nice to just be able t...

KERR_2-1658745950927.gif KERR_3-1658746233489.gif
KERR by Making moves
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Stop with the **bleep**ing updates! I'm sick of your almost daily updates. If you continue like this I will stop using Firefox.

Updates All the time.

Enough with the almost daily updates. What the hell are you doing? It used to be maybe a few months in between. I put off one update for a week, updated 2 hours ago, and already have another one? How about making it once I refuse the current update f...

Firefox Restore Session Display window

I like to keep a huge number of windows and tabs and restore my last session every time I restart. When that happens I 'd often like to see the list of windows clearly and unselect some of them cause they are no longer needed.The problem is that the ...

Nickys13 by Making moves
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Don't mess with the user interface

I'm sorry, but I have to say: Oh no, you did it again!The dark mode is terribly ugly, which is why I never used it. However since FF 106 it's the default in private windows. Contrary to the advertising it doesn't make me feel "more private", but make...

Krille by Making moves
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