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More UI customization for Firefox on Android

Making moves

For now, Firefox for Android has only very few UI customization options: you can select dark or light theme, set toolbar to top or bottom, change new tab wallpaper to one from 5 available, toggle a few features and that's it.

I suggest adding a few more options for interface customization, like the ones below. It will make the user experience better and improve the general browser look & feel. I tried to concentrate on the features that globally improve the browser appearance, but (theoretically) won't be too hard to implement.


Accent Colours

1.1.png1.2.pngAdd an option to change the purple accent colour to any other one. There will be only a few templates available by default, but it'll be possible to use a custom colour accent as well.

The browser automatically creates colours for lighter and darker accent variants, but the chosen colour itself stays the same both in light and dark mode.

The only exception is the "Default" colour, which uses current light and dark colour palettes and purple-to-yellow gradient for the loading bar.



Custom Wallpaper

2.1.png2.2.pngNew tab wallpaper is a very neat option, but it still only provides a choice between 5 built-in images. So, why don't allow users to finally use their own pictures?

The wallpaper itself gets a little whitened/darkened (depending on the light/dark mode being used) to look less intrusive. (UPD: looking back at this concept, I think there also should be an option to additionally dim/blur custom wallpapers if a user thinks they look too noisy)

To look better with wallpaper applied, the new tab page itself needs to be a little refined too: I used the monochrome version of the logo and added small shadows for the standalone text for better readability.



So, what do you think 😃? As I said before, of course these features don't add that much customization options as some "advanced users" might want, but there will be very pleasant features for people who want to add their Firefox a little more personality.



Community Manager
Community Manager

This is great feedback! One of our Product Managers for Firefox Mobile is currently leading a discussion on this very topic right here in the community:

Bringing Colour to Firefox Mobile 

Please feel free to join and share your thoughts 🙌

Making moves

Would have been nice to have theme support on the Android version of FF. There's no excuse why this hasn't been done earlier since FF is suppose to be the browser that fits all ! At the least, let user's decide which wallpapers they want to have !

Making moves

Interestingly enough, the second part of this suggestion was partly done in the latest FF version, however for now it only affects new tab. Hope devs won't stop on this, though, and will extend the support for customizable browser-wide accent/bg colours as well.


Making moves

Sure, however those are Wallpapers, and Not Themes. It's a difference!