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Personal Feedback and Suggestions

I am sairam from India, Firefox is my first browser and  sadly it works as not expected.When i am using windows it works perfect and in Linux distro's firefox not working as expected.My Encounters:1. Ubuntu Sync features not worked some times2. You P...

Keep Tab Order!

I keep several tabs open all the time, and I like them in a certain order. But when I move a tab, in either direction L or R, it snaps back to the way it was. I do not want this.I want to be able to drag Tabs to where I want them and make it stick.Is...

Babs by Making moves
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Resolved! The PDF Viewer keyboard shortcuts seem lacking...

It would be useful to have keyboard shortcuts for the buttons that control the sidebar that displays the content outline in the PDF Viewer. As far as I know, no such shortcuts exist. I like to save space, but I am not a fan of presentation mode so I ...

Screenshot from 2023-08-07 16-33-56.png Screenshot from 2023-08-07 16-42-15~2.png Screenshot from 2023-08-07 16-03-59.png
nbac1022 by Making moves
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Extracting host and domain from Firefox

Hello, one of my friends bought a domain with the org extension and also free SSL from the Firefox browser and has been using it for his site for 6 months. I wanted to know how it goes?

Sarina by Making moves
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New features for Firefox Android

I would like new features such a new changes for the Android version of Firefox, starting from main ideas and a secondary one.Main ideas :- Better optimization and perfomance (implying battery consumption).- Add a data saving mode.- More security opt...

Better caching iOS firefox

Mobile Firefox reloads page instead of showing from cache.It makes the experience unpleasant. Please consider improving caching in mobile Firefox for faster work.

_NN_ by Making moves
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Account password filling

Hi,We are developing a website and I find that there is a problem with autofill, but it is not clear what the problem is.Only the password was filled in, but the account number was not filled in. I checked the account information and saved it as real...

morello by Making moves
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QOL Idea forum suggestions

This site is functional and doubt is used much so can't blame you if you don't consider it's worthwhile spending time prettying it up, but some odd issues and requests:Request: Highlight staffSurprisingly, many topics have insightful staff replies, b...

cate by Making moves
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