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Non recommend addon in Firefox Mobile

Will we be able yo use addons outside of recommended ones, I am mainly a mobile user and it is very inconvenient for me to use my pc when i need to particular addon.

t_j by Making moves
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My note isn't properly a bug (Firefox for Android, Huawei).

Hello, I want to submit a request to the team, if it will be possible, to extend compatibility with mobile chipsets: unfortunately I have a Huawei y6 2018, with snapdragon and adreno GPU and it's almost impossible for me to think of using Firefox bec...

MrAlex83 by Making moves
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Please improve the pop up message for the WebAuthn prompt

Hi Mozilla I was testing the WebAuthn functionality in Firefox via https://webauthn.io/. When I filled my user name and click "Register", Firefox popped an message saying: webauthn.io wants to register an account with one of your security keys. You c...

nirui by Making moves
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Resolved! Handling .MSI files

Firefox opens .MSI (Microsoft Installer) files as if they were text files, but Google Chrome recognizes the .MSI extension and offers the downloaded file for saving. Is there a fix for this?

johnwoo3 by Making moves
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Suggestions for password managers, ad blockers and add-ons.

Suggestions for Firefox for Android Since the built-in password manager is not good enough in terms of security and functionality, (and I don't think it will be good enough for the foreseeable future), it would actually be a good idea to build an app...

Password Manager - Two Suggestions

I rely on the password manager in Firefox.  I have two suggestions related to password generation.First, every site seems to require special characters, but they are never in the passwords.  I came across the following instructions: If the generated ...

RHinCT by Making moves
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Tab & new tab page suggestions

Hi i'd like to see a few things all Opera browsers come over to firefox  that'll be useful!1) Indication of duplicate tabs when hovered over shown in the example Here.2) Something similar firefox partly has but expanded on Opera has called "speed dia...

Make the tab cycler features more akin to Vivaldi's

tab features https://imgur.com/a/96qxxNSbasically, being able to choose how the tabs are cyled (recently used or in tab order)the option to toggle between a list or imagesminimize active taband lastly something I find very useful, switch tabs by scro...

Improve Firefox Autofill

Can you please add more than on or off?Site specific options.Equivalent domains to avoid duplication.Stop placing my email in the MFA input box.A keyboard shortcut to passwords.

ambiance by Making moves
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