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Making moves
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Ublock Origin is one of the most popular add ons, and I think it would be great to integrate it directly into Firefox and Firefox Mobile as a setting. Perhaps it could be part of the 'strict' setting of the tracking protection, or it could be a separate setting for blocking ads.

Microsoft Edge has a built in optional ad blocker on mobile, and I think having this in Firefox on desktop and mobile would be a great benefit, rather than relying on users knowing about it and having them download it from the add on store.

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This would be an especially welcome feature for iOS. Currently, the iOS app does not allow any extension integration. This really hurts Firefox as a browser alternative on iOS when the likes of Safari, Edge and Brave offer proper ad-blocking protection.

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I am a bit concerned on how would both teams work together with having access to firefoxs source and in general team chemistry is important. I wont hold my breath but I cant help but be excited for the idea. Worst case; have ublock as a default/pre installed addon

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It would be great to have adblocker natively, especially sth as great as uBlock Origin

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I think having this would be nice but for me one huge issue still happens and that is huge amounts of ram usage. Please take a look at this article for more info to this problem.

One Mozilla developer took a look at AdBlock Plus' effect on Firefox' RAM usage and found that for every ad the extension blocks, it uses up a little bit more memory. That accumulates for every ad on every site until the amount of space occupied by ads may be much higher than it is without the ad blocker (alot of adblockers do this too):

Second, there's an overhead of about 4 MiB per iframe, which is mostly due to ABP injecting a giant stylesheet into every iframe. Many pages have multiple iframes, so this can add up quickly. For example, if I load TechCrunch and roll over the social buttons on every story (thus triggering the loading of lots of extra JS code), without ABP, Firefox uses about 194 MiB of physical memory. With ABP, that number more than doubles, to 417 MiB. This is despite the fact that ABP prevents some page elements (ads!) from being loaded. That's a lot of RAM usage. It's also not exactly a huge surprise. Not only have we known for years that extensions can use up a ton of RAM, we've even found extensions that suspend extensions you haven't used recently to reduce RAM usage. You can make your own joke about that irony as comments below. Of course, it should also be noted that Firefox (and Chrome, Edge, let's not leave anyone out) can also be a pretty big memory hog on their own without any extensions.

My opinion is probably the same as theirs, which is to keep the memory intensive operations, out of the main thread of the browser app to keep it responsive to the user even if your system is getting bogged down by other apps running on your system. If your system can handle more ram then i suggest upgrading to a higher amount and to get an ad-blocking program downloaded that you like and can handle what you need done.

Making moves

         It's a great idea but at the same time not because mozilla is the only company that respect ad blockers add ons. With the new manifest 3 ad blockers add ons are mostly worthless but mozilla keeps manifest 2 for ad blockers add ons because they care about those add ons. But if mozilla is making their built in ad blocker then they betrayed the people behind those add ons. And it will be worthless to keep manifest 2 in firefox and that is a win for google. Again it's a great idea but don't let the ad blocker add ons lose because that means google wins and we don't want that.           

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I think you guys might be interested in Librewolf...

Making moves

i think this should def be a core add-on of FF but a little more user friendly implemented? (when the add-on is downloaded, make use out of it and replace the shield in the url input with it or enhance the features in it, so you save some px, if not, fallback to their own safety measurements), but it also should be removeable/uninstallable.

i would say everyone should use uBlock Origin only since it's the non plus ultra.

i would also like to force everyone to use it.. jk

also a lot of ppl hear 'bout the name uBlock Origin and might not know it or do avoid it since it is to "complex" for 'em.. also.. some just ignorin the "Origin" at the end and thinking uBlock and uBlock Origin are the exactly same i told 'em about.

have some friends who use Opera's AdBlock and some random terrible optimized adblocker..

i do my best to explain ppl who don't know about uBO what it is and how it works.. it's extremely hard to sell it to them that uBO is superior to the one they downloaded.. (sadly it doesn't always work, a lot of ppl just don't want to switch because why should they? they don't care about privacy neither perfomance or the few thousand different enhancements they get with a different adblocker/all-porpuse-blocker.. also, they don't want to learn new stuff)

EDIT: one of the usecases could be an enhancement feature to a new "js blocking permission", way better than on chromium based browsers. Disable JavaScript and other things for specific websites in the list 

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Totally disagree 👎 with this suggestion. Firefox should be kept modular.

BTW: There shoud be a disagree button for suggestions.

Making moves

I think Adguard would be better, better than ublock, which is also open source and trustworthy

Making moves

use Adguard will be better