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If there was a way to have Firefox overwrite and place privacy preserving ads from its own network of partners onto websites, I would support this (similar to how Brave does it I think). I would be happy to stop using ad blockers if I knew the ad rev...
This would be good as it would make it transparent and very easy to find out what features and enhancements are being worked on. Ideally it would be something similar to what Microsoft has for Edge:
It would be helpful to have the option to be able to rename tabs. This could help to easily differentiate between tabs that have the same name by default, such as some email clients or messaging applications.
Similar to how Brave implements this feature. It would be beneficial for users and will provide enhanced privacy, should a user require it.
Microsoft has Bing, Brave has Brave Search, Google Chrome has Google Search. It would be cool to have a Firefox search engine. I understand this could have an impact financially, but I still thought it would be worth raising as it would be nice to ha...