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Status: New idea

It appears that TB currently runs its automatic message filters only on messages in the Inbox. If a filter needs to be run on the messages in another folder, one has to do so manually.

This is very cumbersome (and quite beats the purpose of an automatic filter), especially in scenarios where there are server-side filters that sort messages into folders or subfolders. Those messages never get processed by TB's filter rules.

It would be great if TB could either

  • run the configured filters automatically on ALL folders, not just the Inbox
  • or allow to mark each filter individually for being run on ALL folders (eg. via an additional checkbox besides "Enabled" in the filter overview pane)
  • or allow to select a folder on which to run the filter in the "Edit/New filter" dialog window (maybe using Inbox as default if none is selected). The logic and data source for that dropdown would be the same as for the "Run selected filter(s) on:" that is already present at the bottom of the filter overview pane.

Thanks for considering this idea - and for the great mail client!

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Community Manager

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