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Making moves
Status: New idea

I use private windows for a lot of "throwaway" browsing like ebay rabbitholes and stuff that I don't want cluttering up my history.

Unfortunately I've hit Ctrl+Shift+W by accident a few too many times which instantly closes the entire window, without any warning. I suppose this is a handy "boss key" for some people...

Any chance we could have a setting to warn when closing multiple tabs on a Private Window?

New member

I hate the fact that even though I have "confirm before closing multiple tabs" checked in the Settings, it doesn't work in a private window for some bizarre reason. And on the Mac version of Firefox, the "close" button is right above the "back" arrow, making it very easy to click on the "close" button accidentally and lose what you were doing.

I also hate the fact that I can't turn off automatic updates and check for them in my own time, rather than have the software keep popping up that I need to update the software for the third time in a week. Very annoying, especially when I have multiple tabs open in a private window and no way to save what I'm doing while I update the software.

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One more vote for KERR's suggestion. It is very annoying to click the app window's close button (X), especially when done accidentally, and have Firefox close every open tab without providing a warning while using Private browsing . This occurs even though I have the setting "Confirm before closing multiple tabs" checked. Apparently developers did not validate via testing that this setting only applies to non-Private browsing and document that on the Settings page or else they did not bother to apply it to all instances of Firefox running. Please honor this setting in Private browsing mode and implement it as soon as possible!

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Firefox users have been asking for a 'warning popup' when closing Private Windows with multiple tabs open for years, and years, and years.

I am sadly switching to Chrome after about 2 decades of Firefox use, I don't see this update ever happening. 



Configure Close Tab warnings in Firefox
[box] Confirm before closing multiple tabs

For information purposes
Configuration Editor for Firefox
Search browser.tabs.warnOnClose
true, is [box checked] Confirm before closing multiple tabs
false, is [box unchecked] Confirm before closing multiple tabs