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I'm referring to the "Unable to Connect" pages. On desktop, you only get a text error (no graphic). On Android, you get "Mr Lemonhead"  :It would be cool (and seems more appropriate) to use a Firefox graphic/logo here instead. Remember this guy?Ther...
Something a little frustrating in Firefox that Just Works™ in Edge.When highlighting stuff, FF often has a mind of its own, like it inverts the selection or something. A GIF says 1000 words (unfortunately I couldn't embed the GIFs here https://imgu...
The popular Bypass Paywalls Clean add-on has been taken down, but without warning or explanation. It's as if it never existed:
Sometimes for testing or troubleshooting, you want to see if a site would work if you changed the user agent eg. Chrome.This specific website soft-blocks Firefox, but works fine if you set the UA to Chrome:
(Re-)posting this as my last idea has gone AWOL.Prior to the move to web-extensions, there were (clunky) add-ons that could divide the browser into two or more panes. This was especially useful since most people have widescreens and the modern web (a...