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Currently if you open the Addons (Ctrl+Shift+A), you see your installed addons (if any) and some recommendations:I think the recommendations could be better. I've checked on multiple PCs: I already have uBlock Origin (which is known in the community ...
Controversial request, I know.I'm sure there's valid reasons it was removed, and I know Chromium has ditched it too.I'm guessing most people use FTP just to browse or download files. It's annoying having to download and install Filezilla just to down...
It's difficult to see info from some columns in the dev tools unless you make the dev tools pane a lot larger:Any chance this could be improved? Cheers!
Two small annoyances with the way addons update that I've noticed:1. The about:addons page insists on opening every time an addon updates and requires new permissions - this appears to be unnecessary and is disruptive. Would be nice to just be able t...
Just a small thing. I noticed that the sidebar doesn't hide when going full screen (F11):Not sure if there's a reason for this, but it would be nice if full screen also hid the sidebar.