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since the newest versions of Thunderbird "threaded" conversations seems to be the default view setting for all folders.

We have 1000's of folders and would very much appreciate the possibility to change this view setting for all folders...not having to change it per folder individually.

So - either back to the setting off by default please - or a function to enable/disable the view setting "sort by thread" for all folders at once.

Making moves

Yes well outlook is useless on imap folders over 250+ emails per folders.

always syncing.

why i use thunderbird, it just works!

threaded views are a major inconvience though.

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Thunderbird: Global sort option

It would be helpful if the message sorting order could be set globally, rather than having to go through each folder in each account to change them to my preferred sort order.

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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This is an unnecessary feature - it's set by default the wrong way damaging normal users' everyday use..

Not known setting .... allows you to change this TB default behavior.

A global setting is needed for it.

A by-folder option is needed for the few lovers of this feature.