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Status: In development


Firefox managed to bring HDR to Macs in 100.0 version. Now it's time for Windows!

It'd be awesome to watch and work on HDR images and videos using Firefox in 2022. Windows is the most popular OS, why not bring HDR here too?
More monitors and devices running on Windows support HDR, so there is an increase in demand of HDR support in Firefox.

The only option for Windows users is either to switch to another browser or to download and use a dedicated app from Microsoft Store.

New member

Just got a new HDR monitor, and while I went through many steps to ensure HDR would work, I didn't expect that Firefox of all things would lack support for it. Unfortunate I'll have to use Chrome to take advantage of my new monitor, I'm hoping this is resolved sooner rather than later.

Making moves

It would be great if Firefox got HDR support for both Windows and Linux

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bring me hdr!!!

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Install a chrome based browser, maybe in 10 years Firefox will also support HDR. 🙄

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This is really frustrating to see no roadmap or timeline for a feature that everyone else has 😞

Strollin' around

Firefox is amazing, but it really needs HDR.

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Please consider HDR support on Windows - color banding looks hideous on dark videos. Do a bounty if you need - I will pay money for this and ask everyone I can reach too.

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What's going on that nothing is happening in this matter? Why doesn't Firefox have this function yet? What are they waiting for to implement proper HDR for the browser?

Strollin' around

It's ridiculous that this feature hasn't been implemented yet.

New member

To be delivered in 2024? 2025? 2026?


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Got tired of waiting for it and installed brave so I dont have to constantly switch between two browser just because one doesnt support a feature that all other browsers do. Deleted firefox account as well.

New member

The lack of HDR support for video and photos is the only thing that keeps me from switching completely to Firefox.

Adobe recently added HDR photo editing to Photoshop and Lightroom. Now it will only become more mainstream. I'm afraid Windows users in the photo and video industry will look for other browsers if HDR support doesn't get implemented.

New member

I too would like HDR for Windows in Firefox very much ❤️

New member

Nobody is even assigned to the issue, the only updates is the people going CC to see the progress.