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Status: New idea

It would be good to have a feature that allows the configuration of an automatic backup of a whole profile or single important parts of a profile, like mainly the history, bookmarks. It should be able to configure in a way that regularly/periodically a backup is created to a pre-defined folder.

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It does not have to be enabled by default, but I would like to see about:config also backed up by Firefox account.

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This feature is badly needed-

I am an older gent who has used Firefox and Thunderbird exclusively for many year. I am not a computer geek, but do know my way around. That being said my suggestion is to include someplace in SETTINGS a place the simplifies a complete backup of profile files for my personal Firefox setup. So that if I were to but a new computer I can easily restore my programs as they were. This is a true problem for millions of senior users and I'm sure it could be easily solved. I know there is all sorts of information about how to do the backup .... but a simple step-by-step would truly help most everyone get it right, quickly and easily.