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Status: In review


Firefox managed to bring HDR to Macs in 100.0 version. Now it's time for Windows!

It'd be awesome to watch and work on HDR images and videos using Firefox in 2022. Windows is the most popular OS, why not bring HDR here too?
More monitors and devices running on Windows support HDR, so there is an increase in demand of HDR support in Firefox.

The only option for Windows users is either to switch to another browser or to download and use a dedicated app from Microsoft Store.


Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your feedback. You're right: screens can only support higher-fidelity content over time, and it's our goal to bridge quality gaps in your media experience, no matter your operating system.

To tell you the truth, HDR video support on Windows has been on our minds and in planning discussions for a while -- since the start of covering HDR video support in general. That's not an excuse: it's not our goal, nor (more importantly) is it fair to exclude our Windows community for something that's been present in macOS for a while at this point. We apologize for the delay on that.

We want to give a parity experience for as many users as we can, so we're revisiting prioritization for a Windows implementation in the upcoming planning cycle.

Thank you, all, for voicing this out. Will keep you posted with concrete updates as they come.

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cant wait to hear more about it

Status changed to: In review
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

This idea has been upgraded to "In review" which means it is being brought to our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey. Please check out @kkim's comment in this thread for more info and stay tuned for additional updates.

Thanks for your patience and participation 😃


Strollin' around

FINALLY! When I saw the email notification I almost couldn't believe it. I was so sick and tired of having to fire up a Chromium-based browser just to watch YouTube!

Thank you for finally catching up to 2016's display standards! Better late than never, I suppose. Can't wait for it to be implemented.

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I'm very glad to hear. After reading the first two pages of this thread I was going to make an angry comment lol. Please accelerate the inclusion of this as soon as possible.

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And Linux, please. 🙂

Strollin' around

Is this not already a thing!? 😧 Surprise, surprise! This feature would be awesome! 😁

Strollin' around

Yeah, this should definitely be a thing asap! I would love to trash Edge/Chromium completely, I'd love to have this feature on FF 🙂

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Still coming? Firefox is still not competitive with Chromium based browsers here. If you want to survive on Windows major gaps like this can't be left open.

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I agree with the prior response. This is actually a big deal if you dont want to lose even more users. So it is in fact in your best interrest as well.