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Although I prefer to use the firefox browser, unfortunately it drains the battery on my laptop. A battery saving version would be nice in the future.

Strollin' around

I agree. I wonder if Mozilla would consider implementing something like the CPU, bandwidth, and memory throttle that Opera GX offers?

If that would be too difficult to implement or too tedious because of all the options, even a simple "low power" mode that just has a predefined default would work.

Making moves

I suffered badly from CPU usage in Firefox because my browsing habits are poor and I end up with too many windows and too many tabs. However, Firefox multi-account containers, Simple tab groups and Auto tab discard extensions soon sorted that. For work reasons I have to run Teams and to do that effectively I run it in MS-Edge. Even with just 2 or 3 tabs and a single window, the total CPU usage for Edge now clearly exceeds that of Firefox with 10 windows each with at least 10 tabs running, one of which is also Teams (for a different account!).

Maybe what is missing is an official "How to..." guide?

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Each new Mozilla Firefox update consumes more cpu resources. I'm at the limit and will have to change to another browser after 15 years with Firefox. Isn't something lighter possible for home use?

Familiar face

Pretty much every browser nowadays is consuming a lot of resources because the web is changing rapidly and if browser doesn't support some technologies, websites will not work properly or just won't let you in at all. At this point browsers are just as complex as some operating systems, so if webpages are doing some expensive stuff, the cpu utilization will be high too.

Sleeping tabs could be a solution to some extent, but let's vote for them in a separate idea.

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I find Firefox becoming CPU heavy - it hits 90+% CPU with just one tab and turning the fan on in my intel MacBook Pro running the latest Mac OS(Monterey 12.3). There were couple of crashes too in the last few days.

I am using the Developer Edition 99.0b5 (64-bit)  These are the extensions I use and the theme is the system auto.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 1.04.12 PM.png



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I've been using Firefox for many years now, but lately it just uses way too much CPU power, normally sitting on the very top (with 50% usage) on my activity monitor.. so I've been having to shut it down in order to have a decent zoom or specially, TEAMS conference... this is too bad, I'm thinking about sticking to Safari or trying out Chrome... mine is an intel 13.5" powerbook

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Hey all,

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Making moves

A "light" version is needed, with less battery consumption, less memory required. This can be achieved by removing pocket, animations and stuff like that.

Surely the ui would be worse than the normal version, but if you want a light version you have to accept compromises

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Hey all,

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Making moves

power saving mode

I'd like to see a normal power saving mode. I use a laptop, and as long as I work from the outlet - no problem, but when working on battery power, the laptop works with firefox much less than with edge (at least an hour more with edge).