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Status: New idea

I've really come to appreciate the container feature, but they're still completely manual.

I'd suggest to add a feature to bookmarks and bookmark handling, so that I can specify in a bookmark, in which container it will open.
The idea is to have e.g. one bookmark "Google/Docs/YT (work) to open in my "work" container with my work login, and another one to open in a standard container with a different or no login. Currently, this works just fine, but I have to open the container tab manually each time.

(This could be a more flexible addition to pre-assigning e.g. all * domains to one container as @bugboy  suggested.)

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+1 to this idea.  Being able to assign domains to specific containers is a good start, but I always need multiple accounts open simultaneously in a single service, e.g. personal Google and work Google, dev vs prod environments, etc.

Being able to specify in a bookmark what container to open that bookmark in would let me save sets of bookmarks as "sessions" - so I can easily open an environment of preconfigured tabs+containers for a given task with a single middle-click on a bookmark folder.

Sure, I can do this manually be selecting a bookmark and opening in a given container for every tab I need, but I'd much rather single click a folder to open all the bookmarks in their correct container.

Please 🙂

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Container based bookmarks

Multi-Account Containers provide a great way divide different kind of work (personal, work, shopping...)

Now I have lots of bookmarks, it would be great if I could these bookmarks to certain container, and these bookmarks would only be shown when I open a certain container.

I open the container for work, and only work related bookmarks would show up in the "Booksmarks toolbar".

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@dudefrommars there's a similar idea here: Container preference in bookmarks 

If that aligns with what you're asking for, we can merge the two threads together to keep the conversation focused in one place. Just let us know 😃

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Just wanted to add to the chorus here that this would be incredibly useful.

I was thinking that it would be useful at the bookmark folder level to be able to specify a container that they would open. This way, the bookmarks related to my work could always be opened in a work container which would save me much juggling and many times of manually clicking "Reopen in new container". Containers are already a killer feature, and I think this would be a huge time-saver value-add on top of that.

Strollin' around

Absolutely necessary and urgent! A must for containers to be really effective and privacy-protecting!

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Additional Preferences

I believe that there should be a couple of things added to this request:

  1. Add a 'Disable confirmation prompt' checkbox
    • With an additional 'Restrict links from this tab to this container' checkbox under that
  2. Bookmark folders configurable like bookmarks

For #1 there would need to be a persistent monitor on the tab open to ensure that login pop-ups don't break out of the container. which is, I guess, why there's a difficulty level there)

Disable Confirmation Prompt

Basically an option to disable the "are you sure" dialogue when you have set a site to always open in a specific container.

This would allow people to enhance their 'one-click' experience, yet still keep their default MAC UX. Security and ease of use all in one.

Think YouTube, which is effectively its own platform, but uses Google login to authorise. You may have and want the Google login to open in a Google container enforcibly. However this means that you won't be able to effectively login to YouTube without disabling that. This allows for a one-off tap on a bookmark.

That example is a little bit bizarre, I'll grant you, so a more salient example is contract work based links. Using Microsoft as the basis, I may have accounts at various tenancies which I need to open in various MACs. However I do the bulk of my work in my tenancy, so I have and set to always open in my tenancy MAC. With this I could open a bookmark, or folder of bookmarks in a container and not worry about my default settings.

Folder Opening

Not much to this, just ensure that bookmark folders have the same functionality.

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would be also a nice option to have the container icon on the book mark with a drop down so if you wish to change on the fly you can temporary open the bookmark in another container.
and when bookmarking you can check open with in container.