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Status: New idea

I've really come to appreciate the container feature, but they're still completely manual.

I'd suggest to add a feature to bookmarks and bookmark handling, so that I can specify in a bookmark, in which container it will open.
The idea is to have e.g. one bookmark "Google/Docs/YT (work) to open in my "work" container with my work login, and another one to open in a standard container with a different or no login. Currently, this works just fine, but I have to open the container tab manually each time.

(This could be a more flexible addition to pre-assigning e.g. all * domains to one container as @bugboy  suggested.)

Making moves

Cookies.  Firefox should present cookies as they are in Containers, so that when you can see which cookies were set, where, etc., which will help with potential manual pruning.


Making moves

Cookies should be presented as they appear, separated by the respective container.

This will make identification and manual pruning, etc., a  bit easier.


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This idea is meant for the Firefox Multi-Account Container extension.

What it does:
Playing around with the Multi-Account Container extension, it is obvious that we can open a website in a container tab; it can be configured to automatically open a container tab upon visiting a website too. Great so far!

What I noticed:
Today I went through my bookmark directories. I noticed a directory containing a batch of websites that I would want to open in one container. To do this currently, I would have to open each individual website to then assign the desired container to it.

Suggestion being:
Wouldn't it be easy if you have an option in the bookmark manager, to assign a container to a particular directory or selection of websites? Basically extending the Multi-Account Container features to the bookmark manager.

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Community Manager

(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease add this as a per-bookmark setting!! Containers are useless for privacy if I keep opening things like banking or shopping bookmarks in my default container.

Also—just like any Facebook URIs—particular domain lists should be forceable into particular containers with a browser-wide setting. For example, any Amazon, Steam, or Etsy URIs could be set to always open in the "shopping" container, while anything not on a container list (eg. search engines, Wikipedia, etc.) just open in the currently used container.

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This feature has been requested by hundreds even thousands of people for almost 6 years now. I genuinely hope that moving this here will result in even a slight bit of progress.

I don't know which is the best way to implement a permanent connection to a container but there was a 3rd party extension that is no longer updated that addressed this in one way. Perhaps that is worth considering as a method.

I would also hope the mods here are not completely unreasonable like the ones on GitHub have been for years, closing and reopening and closing again threads that are vastly different under false pretenses of duplication. In a way, this is funny because apparently we needed a migration to a completely different platform to finally acknowledge they are different features and it only took 6 years. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍

Making moves

I didn't try this out yet but:

In my opinion, bookmarks should have an assigned container (with the default of option of don't care). This is useful for the bookmarks toolbar and the default new tab page. It is a plus if containers could have a custom new tab page.

And two, certain containers should open with a default page. Like I have a container for a big retailer where I want it always logged in so cookies for that site are stored there and not in my other containers. It is a (minor) inconvenience to have to manually navigate to this site every time I open that container.

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Would really love for this functionality to be added as described in


It would be great to be able to click individual bookmarks to open the Azure portal with my various accounts, for example. Per-site containers won't cut it for that.

Strollin' around

Same for AWS, when working with multiple AWS Accounts this would really be a killer feature!

There was also a bugzilla ticket for a similar feature:

Strollin' around

Bookmark integration with Firefox Containers

Current System: When creating a new bookmark in Firefox , users are given fields to add "Name", "Location", and "Tags". The bookmark, once saved and accessed later, opens in a default container.

Proposed Enhancement:

  1. Add an "Open in" field to the bookmark creation/editing window. This field would present a dropdown of current containers in the browser for selection.
  2. When a bookmark is opened, it should open in the container specified in the "Open in" field. If no container was specified when the bookmark was saved, the bookmark should open in the default container.

Real-World Application: Consider a user who manages different Azure DevOps boards for different organizations. Currently, to navigate between these boards, the user must open a new container for each organization and manually enter the Azure DevOps link for that organization.

With the proposed enhancement, the user could save Azure DevOps board links as bookmarks associated with the appropriate container. The user could then open these bookmarks directly from the bookmarks toolbar, eliminating the need to manually open a new container and enter the corresponding link.

This is just one example of how this feature could enhance user productivity and ease of use. The potential applications are numerous and could provide a significant boost to the overall user experience.