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New member
Status: New idea

I've really come to appreciate the container feature, but they're still completely manual.

I'd suggest to add a feature to bookmarks and bookmark handling, so that I can specify in a bookmark, in which container it will open.
The idea is to have e.g. one bookmark "Google/Docs/YT (work) to open in my "work" container with my work login, and another one to open in a standard container with a different or no login. Currently, this works just fine, but I have to open the container tab manually each time.

(This could be a more flexible addition to pre-assigning e.g. all * domains to one container as @bugboy  suggested.)

New member

+1 to this idea.  Being able to assign domains to specific containers is a good start, but I always need multiple accounts open simultaneously in a single service, e.g. personal Google and work Google, dev vs prod environments, etc.

Being able to specify in a bookmark what container to open that bookmark in would let me save sets of bookmarks as "sessions" - so I can easily open an environment of preconfigured tabs+containers for a given task with a single middle-click on a bookmark folder.

Sure, I can do this manually be selecting a bookmark and opening in a given container for every tab I need, but I'd much rather single click a folder to open all the bookmarks in their correct container.

Please 🙂

New member

Just wanted to add to the chorus here that this would be incredibly useful.

I was thinking that it would be useful at the bookmark folder level to be able to specify a container that they would open. This way, the bookmarks related to my work could always be opened in a work container which would save me much juggling and many times of manually clicking "Reopen in new container". Containers are already a killer feature, and I think this would be a huge time-saver value-add on top of that.