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Status: In development

I'd like to have the possibility to change color to each account label and icon.


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Please implement different account colours....As everyone says its needed when you have multiple accounts. I use BlueMail on my mobile, might change desktop to that ???


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I agree.  This is a great idea.  I have multiple accounts and it would be so much easier if each had a specified color and icon, especially when using the Unified Folders.  


Elisa Ford

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I'm really keen to begin using Thunderbird again, but I don't want to have to regress 45 versions so that I can use this add-on, and this functionality to see which email account an email has come from in a unified inbox by color, makes or breaks an email client for me... the new Thunderbird has clearly advanced a huge amount in the years I have been using other software. Could one of the mozilla team (or perhaps DW-dev who developed this wonderful account colors add-on before?) give us some idea of how complex the task might be to implement this as an add-on for the current version of Thunderbird? Is it something trivial, or very complex? I'm a programmer, so if it's not super-complex, perhaps a few of us could gang up and get this done as an add-on again? What I'd like even more is to hear that our pleas have been heard and this will get baked into the main program, but I appreciate that you will have many demands to prioritise and repond to.


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Please add the ability to color the accounts.  I have 5 accounts in TB and it would make managing this so much easier.  Loved the old account color add-in

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I really need it. I manage >20 accounts on my TB and I'm lost without grouping/coloring features.

Making moves

The developers heavily hinted that an Account Colors-like feature would be built into this "supernova" release.  We're all still waiting.  Meanwhile, "supernova" has been anything but "super."  Feeling like we've been victims of a bait & switch.  



Thunderbird 115 this information for those who are interested
How to replace folder icons

Making moves

This is a great idea. please add to thunderbird

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

This is just a reminder, that comments alone do not result in a vote (kudo) for this idea.  You will want to click on the "thumbs-up" found on the original, top post of this thread.  



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It would be really nice to have this great feature implemented!

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@Vigilans I added the account colors and having problems getting the subject lines to change colors. Like you have described in the color pane. 

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You can create an issue in to track this problem with following information:

  • Thunderbird version
  • Reproduction steps (with and without all other addons disabled)
  • All addons installed
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This one works great! Just like i expected

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The only reason why I still stay on TB 69