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Status: In development

I'd like to have the possibility to change color to each account label and icon.


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Making moves

No Fabrizio, 😀
I'd like to have alsdo the possibility to change color to each account panel, as the addon "Account Colors":
This addon applies these colors to accounts, identities, folders, message list, message headers and compose headers. Users will always know which accounts/identities they are working with. 😉


No Fabrizio, 😀
io vorrei avere anche la possibilità di cambiare colore in ciascun pannello dell'account, come il componente aggiuntivo "Account Colors": Questo componente aggiuntivo applica questi colori a account, identità, cartelle, elenco di messaggi, intestazioni di messaggi e comporre intestazioni. Gli utenti sapranno sempre con quali account/identità stanno lavorando. 😉

New member

Yes please,

I absolutely need  method for coloring the accounts and avoid confusion.
I love TB and its flexibility but since a couple of years ago I cannot use this fundamental add-on anymore and I 'm a completely lost in anway that I stop upgrading after version 68.12.x

I manage more than 10 email accounts, and without a method to distinguish accounts at a glance (by color in this case) it is impossible to use TB efficiently.

Please please Please, add the coloring to the accounts by default!

Thanks in advance

New member

Coloring the accounts is one of the most basic needs you can think of a multi e-mail client. Please implement this feature!

Specialy when working in an 'Unified' folder working with color or/and icons is needed to get an direct inside with e-mails belongs to what account.

New member

A simple but incredibly useful feature.

New member

This is a great idea

New member

The only reasons still staying on TB 69

New member

I'm in. This is exactly the Add-On  what I've been looking for a very very long time. No one willing to reprogram this Add-On for the current TB version? Should also NOT be FREE!!! means I'm reade to pay for it!!!!!


Mike, Cologne (Germany)

New member

I need this feature also - Great for the Unified Inbox!  Easy to tell which account the email went to.

New member

I manage so many account in TB… I need to colorize all tis accounts mostly in the "unified view". Then consider that this extension must not be an option but a need.

Please help us in using TB and help to colorize account like "Account Color" did so well.

Thank you.

New member

Hi everyone, 🙂

I can only agree with you all, such a native feature would make multi-accounts management clearer and would be a great time-saver!

I also stopped Thunderbird's updates just for DW-dev's Account Colors and really hope TB's developers could implement such a functionality soon.

Strollin' around

Please include the functionality of the add-on Account Colors. It may not seem like simply being able to custom color the various accounts in the folders and messages in panes is that great, but let me tell you: it made Thunderbird come alive! Besides being VERY functional for quickly and intuitively distinguishing between accounts, it was just beautiful! You would just have to see it to understand.

Like others, I stayed on the old version of Thunderbird for this one add-on. All my other must-have add-ons finally updated. Then I was forced to update, and lost Account Colors.

Please implement this feature! This would be a defining feature of this email client. Its the kind of thing that you don't know you need until you have it.

New member

I too think we need account coloring. This will GREATLY reduce the chance of sending email from the wrong account when you have more than one.


New member

I need this. Today I have to upgrade my TB and I'm in deep . Please - help us!

Strollin' around

> This will GREATLY reduce the chance of sending email from the wrong account when you have more than one.

If it can help, the BorderColors add-on highlights the email composer based on the sender account. Disclosure: I am the main developer / maintainer.