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I'd like to have the possibility to change color to each account label and icon.


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WOOOHOOO! Great news! Please keep voting for this, guys. 

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Please, Great news!

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Making moves

PLEASE...if you restore this beloved, necessary functionality that Account Colors add-on once did, please please please give us all the same controls:  background color on message list and file tree, background color of message composition window...

Just recreate whatever DW-DEV did in his desperately missed add-on.  THANKS!

Strollin' around

Currently, this functionality is only available with certain extensions (add-ons). Adding this feature to Thunderbird would eliminate the number of extensions needed.

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If you could just see me, on my hands and knees begging for this feature!

Even if it were only the text color of the messages' subjects it would be wonderful.  I as well use the unified view, for 8 accounts, one being tied to an emergency/after hours service - I have missed some because I just didn't see it jump out at me like the old days.


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To expand on the proposals of other users on colouring in Thunderbird, an easy-to-use interface and tool that allows folder, email and background colouration to be personalised would be most welcome - e.g. to select 'unread' messages as [say] red, read ones as [say] green, folders with unread messages as [say] purple, default folder names as [say] italic, bold ... and any combination of all available options. I currently do something similar to this via an external css file but it is overly-complex and cumbersome to do and to understand, whereas an in-built GUI in Thunderbird would make things so much simpler, easier and individually configurable.

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I too have held at an early version and avoided upgrades in order to keep using account colors.   I support the effort to encourage Mozilla to restore this functionality.  Thunderbird is superior for users with multiple email accounts and color coding for easy readability is essential. 

And, thank you for this opportunity to comment.

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Just adding my voice to the crowd here: Thunderbird has always been my mail client of choice, but with many accounts, the disappearance of the colors to identify the different mailboxes has become a thorn in my foot. Just as if the icons to indicate the type of file had disappeared from the file explorer. It would be a huge relief if those colors could come back.