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Status: New idea

feature name: Avoid duplicate bookmarks(saved urls)

feature description: 

  1. Whenever the user saves a url the Mozilla Firefox browser checks whether the saved url is a duplicate or not.
  2. An alert appears if the url is duplicated. If not, the alert does not appear.




Expected benefit

  1. Avoid repeated bookmarks
  2. Data consistency




New member

Compare folders (and sub folders) content to remove duplicates


There's some add-on to remove duplicates but it's "All or nothing" sometime (everytime in my case) you just want to remove duplicates in specifics folders and not in all your bookmarks. Moreover it's difficult to chose the folder where you want keep the bookmark and the others you don't and sometime you want to keep several time the same bookmark.

It could be very useful to compare folders (and sub folders) to removes duplicates. With the possibility to indicate the one where you want to keep the duplicate and the one you don't.

Making moves

1. Make sure that sync is working better then it does so far. I fixed all the bookmarks on one of my systems and one day later again the whole bookmark database is messed up badly with 100-1000=ands of duplicates. I have spent endless hours in fixing my bookmark which have become useless indeed.

2. Have a duplicate remover tool that removes all bookmark in all folder that are duplicates or at least remove all duplicates in each folder. Maybe some person wants two of the same bookmarks in two different folders. Right now it is as bad as it gets, especially because sync works horribly. It has to work multi directional especially if you offer in iCloud of Apple to sync with Safari as well. You have to work on that with Apple as well. At the moment I give Firefox a 2 out of 100 and Safari at best a 1 out of 100. I asked for this for 10 years plus and nothing ever gets better.

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Making moves

I have no idea what you are saying if anything I see nothing at all. I resent the fact that I have organized my bookmarks in Firefox and Safari 100 times already and a day later they are messed up again and I have up to 100 duplicates per website.

I tried to move a few bookmarks into another folder for instance and the system used 123 GB of memory and I had to force quit the app. Ridiculous software indeed and I bought over 700 software packages in my time. 

The way Safari and Firefox deal with bookmarks is under the lowest level of programming I know. Both are crappy browsers if they can't even handle the bookmarks. What purpose do bookmarks have if any? I need to go back to a previous website I liked hence I have made a bookmark but if I have over 10000 duplicates how should I find my bookmark, it defeats its purpose.

Making moves

What good is a kudo if I don't get any answer to the problem. Waste of my time

Making moves

It's not a terrible idea, but sometimes people want duplicates. Perhaps a warning that could be ignored (or even turned off) would be better than something that prevents duplicate bookmarking.

New member

Bookmarks additional tools

Please add a few additional tools:

(1) to search duplicate bookmarks and delete

(2) to replace existing bookmarks in lieu of just adding to an extensive list (current method of individually deleting is time consuming and just not feasible);

(3) There is an app out there that will accomplish this but I feel it threatens security; If an app has this developed, surely Mozilla has technology to do the same within tools

Strollin' around

Please note that the specific problem of bookmarks import upon application installation creating duplicates every time the user installs the app should not be merged/folded into this thread/proposal. They are not the same problem, so I want to be sure the nuance but important difference is not lost.