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Status: New idea

feature name: Avoid duplicate bookmarks(saved urls)

feature description: 

  1. Whenever the user saves a url the Mozilla Firefox browser checks whether the saved url is a duplicate or not.
  2. An alert appears if the url is duplicated. If not, the alert does not appear.




Expected benefit

  1. Avoid repeated bookmarks
  2. Data consistency




Making moves

It's not a terrible idea, but sometimes people want duplicates. Perhaps a warning that could be ignored (or even turned off) would be better than something that prevents duplicate bookmarking.

New member

Bookmarks additional tools

Please add a few additional tools:

(1) to search duplicate bookmarks and delete

(2) to replace existing bookmarks in lieu of just adding to an extensive list (current method of individually deleting is time consuming and just not feasible);

(3) There is an app out there that will accomplish this but I feel it threatens security; If an app has this developed, surely Mozilla has technology to do the same within tools

Strollin' around

Please note that the specific problem of bookmarks import upon application installation creating duplicates every time the user installs the app should not be merged/folded into this thread/proposal. They are not the same problem, so I want to be sure the nuance but important difference is not lost.