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Making moves
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Keep Firefox simple to browse anything without restrictions by having firefox lite browser.

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I agree

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A light version of firefox, for workstation use, at industrial level. Low resource usage, fast javascript engine. Usable in graphical and command line environment. And also portable. And can open at least fifty tabs. And that natively has the AWK and SED tools.

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Idea for a portable version: Portable Version Firefox 

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what ever changes have been made it is causing web sites to not load or take 5 times as long as chrome. it would be nice if firefox was not such a slow poke that it has become. today the eversource web site WOULD NOT LOAD in fire fox but had no issues in chrome., the issue must be your feed through servers,

while all of you are trying to add everything possible to firefox their are some of us that actually have things to do on the internet.

so how about a second version of firefox that actually works,

call it firefox lite and it could be a stand alone web browser that browses the internet, instead of just sitting their not responding to servers and not opening web sites.

since the issue is with firefox, not every web site, since when firefox will not work with multiple websites that issue is not every web site, it is firefox.