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Status: New idea


since the newest versions of Thunderbird "threaded" conversations seems to be the default view setting for all folders.

We have 1000's of folders and would very much appreciate the possibility to change this view setting for all folders...not having to change it per folder individually.

So - either back to the setting off by default please - or a function to enable/disable the view setting "sort by thread" for all folders at once.

New member

Still an issue and a concern. Please recognize that this hits the most intensive email users the hardest. Those are the people who rely on Thunderbird the most. The idea of having to go through and change the view in each folder after an update means I'm likely to block updates, especially when I'm busy and don't have time to reset each folder.

That said, I tried Pjotr's fix and it worked for me. Will try LaurensV's as well.

But I shouldn't have to bookmark this support page and rely on user instructions to make using Thunderbird viable.

New member

Threads - no thanks.

Global turn off option please!

New member

I find threads confusing and irritating.
Global toggle please.

PS I also don't enjoy having to log in to this forum via email.